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  1. Bazza

    Official "Whit Friday" Thread....including results!

    Dyke played behind us at Greenacres and i didnt hear of them asking to go infront of us at all! It then took us ages to leave because half the band wanted to stay and listen!! Massed Wardle bands at Roundthorn was impressive but not as good as the Middleton Band Mexican Wave eh Lou!! ;)
  2. Bazza

    Eb Bass player looking for a band in the NW

    Thats ok, sorry I couldn't be of more help! Hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. Bazza

    Eb Bass player looking for a band in the NW

    Theres loads of bands within that kind of radius, Blackburn and Darwen 'B' Band are a non-contesting band, my dad and sister used to play for them, i think they rehearse on a monday night in the green hut at the power station just off Goosehouse Lane going towards Darwen, not far off junction 4...
  4. Bazza

    Germs - causes, effects and advice please!

    Get well soon Pam, we need you on Friday night. so make sure u rest lots and get lots of TLC! I do CPR on those awful resus dolls every month for staff training and we always wipe them with those alcohol/antiseptic wipes and I've never felt ill as a result of using them, i must've been lucky! my...
  5. Bazza

    Why do we do it

    one guess who leads the singing on the middleton band coach!! :) pam has the best songs!! one of the best parts of the day for us except for my singing, i'm terrible and i can never remember the words to the songs unless of course i've had a few drinks!!
  6. Bazza it or hate it?

    Sorry i missed that today! or am I?! guess i'd rather do the march job than have an exam tomorrow morning! I remember that job from last year and it was even hotter last year, think its one of the longest marches ever, it takes hours! sounds like i missed out!! ;) I dont really mind marching...
  7. Bazza

    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : May 2005

    i second it Pam!! great website and still lots to come!!
  8. Bazza

    french open 2005

    me thinks 3rd section is Partita? i got told thats what we are playin. not sure who its by though?
  9. Bazza

    Whos going to the French Open in Amboise?

    Oh joy of joys!!! that'll be a fun bus journey, just remember eurodisney!?! laura in confined spaces!!! aaaaaaah!! just jokin ;)
  10. Bazza

    Whos going to the French Open in Amboise?

    I can go!!!! woohoo! my exams finish on the 25th May so France here i come!! think nearly everyone else is ok too!! yay! :p
  11. Bazza

    The 'Official' tMP North West Regional Thread

    Quite a good review eh?!!? i was impressed! i like it when we get nice remarks!! tameside next....
  12. Bazza

    The 'Official' tMP North West Regional Thread

    4th is brilliant, its the best i've ever done at the areas, my previous band never got past abouth 10th, it was just the fact that we missed out on qualifying by one place!! but hey that is banding, i still love it all the same and good luck to the top three qualifying bands in the north west...
  13. Bazza

    The 'Official' tMP North West Regional Thread

    Lou got ID'd?!!? wow, ah memories of my 21st in Preston are coming back to me!! ;) We played so well, i was gutted when they called out 4th but lets hope we do better next year!! i really wanted to qualify!! no fair!! still weve got France to look forward to!
  14. Bazza

    How long have you been with with the same band

    I started playing with the 2nd Rossendale Scout Band (junior band then senior band) when I was about 6 and was there for about 5 or 6 years then I joined Middleton Band for about a year. Joined BMP Europe Goodshaw Band when I was 13, stayed with them until I was 18 and went to uni then rejoined...
  15. Bazza

    whit friday marches

    Its a classic!!!! I will never tire of it! I've never played it on Whit Friday yet I dont think?!! I love all four you've said aswell though! You cant beat a good march, first one I ever played was Army of the Nile, also my dads favourite march! I did forget to mention The Wizard, now that is a...
  16. Bazza


    ^ plays in the same band as i do!
  17. Bazza

    whit friday marches

    Honest Toil and Knight Templer are my favourites. We played Underhill House last year, never heard of it before that, very hard especially after the 6th or 7th time!! Crazysop will definately back me up on that one!!
  18. Bazza

    Just for the gals ---Hair!!!

    Definately short hair, when a guys hair gets even close to the length of yours then start to worry and also if a guy spends longer on his hair than you do and he cares more about his hair then you do......i would definately start to worry!!!
  19. Bazza

    Nicknames at band?

    you forgot to mention Spazza (Sarah trom) she nicknamed herself that, a drunken moment in eurodisney but its stuck!! "Your Bazza and I'm Spazza" i laughed myself silly at that! but thanks to her for my nick name cos i was gettin fed up of being called Sarah Bari!! oh the joys of having such a...
  20. Bazza

    word association