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  1. Singapore Northern Lass

    Murton Colliery Band - Vacancies

    Murton Colliery Band would like to invite players in the area for the following positions:- Soprano Cornet Front Row Tutti Cornet Euphonium We are a 2nd section contesting band in the North East, all players are welcome but we are specifically looking to fill the above positions. We...
  2. Singapore Northern Lass

    Murton Colliery Brass Band require new MD

    Murton Colliery Band urgently require an MD to take us to the regional contest in March, we are currently working for Butlins in January and The League contest in February but our current temporary MD is unable to take us to the Regionals. If you would like to help us out or make it a more...
  3. Singapore Northern Lass

    Brass Players Needed in Singapore

    As most of tMPers know I am a member of the only brass band in South East Asia, we are about the standard of a 1st section band in the UK but we need more players as many of our members need to travel because of work commitments, we need mainly cornets but anyone is welcome, so if you know of...
  4. Singapore Northern Lass

    What 'Trumpet' to buy?

    :D Hi folks, jumping on the bandwagon a bit here (no pun intended!) I'd really like to buy a trumpet out here as they are very reasonable indeed, but having had virtually no experience of them have no idea at all what to get, aside from it being Bb as apose to C, I would appreciate any help...