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    Wantage Band - L&SC

    Wantage Band announce some new signings before the Championship Section of the L&SC area competition in March. The band would like to welcome Adam Taylor from Bactiguard Wire on 1st Trombone, Rob Flemming formerly of Fodens on Horn, Nigel Membury from Kidlington on Cornet, Stephen Didcott...
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    New Signings at Wantage

    London & Southern Counties Championship Section challengers Wantage Band have announced a number of signings ahead of the regional qualifying contest in Stevenage. Signings Front row cornet players Richard Selvidge (2nd man) and Jemma Evans (3rd man) come from Flowers, Tuba player Richard...
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    Which Uni are you going to....?

    Hi all, I thought this might be a good idea for people now having got their results and hopefully the places they want...they could post on here where they are going and then bands might be able to offer playing for them while they study.....
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    Europeans CD 1989

    Hi Does anyone have this CD...its title is Trittico i think...? Thanks
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    Wantage 'Bag' Lyndon

    Wantage (conductor Phil Bailey) have a new Euphonium line-up for their appearance in the L&SC Championship section at Stevenage - new signing Ian Brown is joined by legend Lyndon Baglin on Solo Euph. Lyndon played solo euph in the great CWS (Manchester) band who won their Area with 'Salute to...
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    London Area

    Hi, Has anyone thought about the position of the box in the theatre at the Area in Stevenage...Im not sure if it would mean that you would get lots of cornet sound...? I wonder what its like sitting there....I sat near it and thought it was an odd balance..but that might have the band...
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    Richard Gosney

    Hi Im trying to track down an old mate of mine..Richard Gosney...We used to play at Desford together..anyone got any ideas?
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    Rhapsody in Blue

    Anyone know of the version for 2 pianos and Brass Band accomp?
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    Molto Perpetuo by Novaceck arr Roger Harvey

    Im trying to find this arrangement....any ideas anyone? Molto Perpetuo by Novaceck arr Roger Harvey
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    Xmas Music

    Apologies if this has been a topic before....does anyone have any good ideas for xmas music...? Thanks..