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    Sold/Expired Contemporary Hell

    Why pay £30 for the privilege. :shock: You can hear that piece of music in every bandroom up and down the country about fifteen minutes before the start of rehearsal. :wink:
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    Kit Percussionists

    we have 3 percussionists, but is usually the two of us on tuned or timps and darren (Bagpuss) on the kit. But sometimes we both have a go at kit..... bexc.x
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    Nomination: Who spends most time on tMP - tMP Saddo Award

    ahha!!! can i just say that roger should win this award because he does nothing but hog the comp with tMP all day... It gets annoying after a while. Bexc.x
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    Nomination: Who spends most time on tMP - tMP Saddo Award

    why am i not surprised :wink: :wink: :wink: *dont hurt me* :hammer bexc.x
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    Announcement: TEST THE NATION 2003

    oooohhhh - soz ard!!! and may i point out that there is nothing wrong with kids! :mrgreen: soooo can i go to the under 18s buttermarket next friday after band, i thought i would ask you on here so you might me more inclined to say yes :D :D :D :D and dont forget - i love you ...
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    Announcement: TEST THE NATION 2003

    Its really unfair - i want to go on the tv! But unfortunatly i am under 16 - i hope the tv cameras dont crack with my dads (Roger) ugly face! Sowwie dad but it had to be said. :hammer have a good time for the people who will appear on television... bexc.x
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    How did you hear about ...? please answer.

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! thats my dad your taking about! - and just for future reference - hes old :( sowwie dad :( love ya all bexc
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    Prague - love it or loathe it???

    I really like Prague, its really good - yesterday, after WEM BAND came 4th - YEY!! The percussion did rather well if i do say so my self!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Any how - i pestered Mom & Dad to take me to listen to Prague again - I think its amazing - and i love the sop in it - sounds...
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    What are the worst pieces you played???

    The Ground Force theme tune I think that the Ground Force tune is really groovy.... 8) But I must admit, they play it all the way through the programme it does get a little bit annoying after a while :!: :roll: Love Bexc.x
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    What band do you play for?

    Hello Everybody! I play percussion with Wem Jubilee Band along with Darren Peake and Stephanie Evans I also play the cornet and piano. And my Dad's the conductor! :cry: