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    Join us! I've just joined and to anyone thinking of coming down, i was made to feel really welcome, everyone is freindly and encouraging, and there is a lot of work goes in at rehearsal time... the only way is (back) up!! Come on trombonists...!
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    Barnsley Building Society Band - Vacancies

    Players.... You forgot to write that you would be away on tour with Killamarsh Silver Band (yey!) so you wouldn't be there to greet any new players should they choose to come to rehearsal over the next 10 days!! Do you have to be a student????? The bit about large female population under 25...
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    Final Call - Holland August 2004 KSB

    Extra tMP members... Other tMP-registered players going.... Me! - Soprano Cornet - username is JamesGamble Hazel/Amy - Horn/Cornet - username is Dronny Babes :? Emma - Cornet - username is (dunno!) Shame Colin isn't coming, it would have been fun... :wink: Time is ticking away if...
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    What Cant You Live Without???

    Work... oooo-er! :? As work is my main sorce of income, i don't think i'd survive long without it. I'd lose my nice MG ZR sports car for start... that stops me being confined to the house, and peasant carriers (buses and trams). However, second-class riding is better than first-class walking...
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    Soprano player

    Please complete as many questions as possible: Intrument: Soprano Cornet Conductor/Compere: No. Location/Region: Sheffield Grade: n/a Name: James Gamble Contact Details: email: 07812 160882 Instrument(s) played: Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for...
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    principal Cornet Needed for 3rd section band

    Am out saturday (afternoon and evening) and sunday(afternoon)! Ooooh, to be in demand. Sorry. 07812 160882! James.
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    principal Cornet Needed for 3rd section band

    A great bunch! Would have been up more often if your band was nearer, even though you all made me feel really welcome. Have left Dronfield now and am in the process of signing for Chapeltown. Give us a shout if you've got any more jobs coming up! Good luck finding the players you need...
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    Players for Holland Trip - August 2004

    A big back row! It's great to have a big back row line-up, we referred to it as the "back row massiv" last year. Most bands struggle with back row (and front). Bring 'em all along!
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    Players for Holland Trip - August 2004

    Come on Rachael!!! Remember the fun we had with the scratch band on Whit Friday? Times that by 10000! (slight exageration!). There's plenty of people you know. To add to those highlighted, there's Amy, Hazel, and Dave Ralph too. Mick and Keith aint coming this year for whatever reason...
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    Players for Holland Trip - August 2004

    Get your a*se on tour!! Was my first Killamarsh Tour year last year and we all had a cracking time. Is Colin not coming because he's a lightwieght :wink: ?
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    Dronfield Band, Sheffield/Chesterfield

    Currently waiting for confirmation of our 3rd section status for 2005, we require the following players to come and join our line-up, and anyone else will always be made very welcome. In particular we are looking for: Tutti Cornet player Bass Trombone Player Tenor Trombone Player For...
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    Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds Band, Nottingham

    Always a friendly bunch! Bit toooo far away to get to regularly, but always warm and friendly when i do get chance.
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    Oughtibridge Brass Band - Vacancies

    A great bunch! Hey Ian, long time no see. Sad to see O'bridge going through this patch. You lot were always a great bunch to be around, shame i had no option but to leave. Anyone coming along will no doubt feel very welcome within 5 mins of stepping in the bandroom (nudge-nudge hint-hint - get...
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    Dronfield Band (1 Front Row Cornet & Bass Trom.)

    Dronfield Band require a front row cornet player and a bass trombone player. Any other players are more than welcome! Practice Tuesdays 7.45 - 9.45 and Sundays 6.45 - 8.45 at Coal Aston Village Hall (near Chesterfield/Sheffield)... and then it's down to the pub. Call Hilary on (0114) 235...
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    Calling Cornets!!

    Dronfield Band, near Chesterfield/Sheffield require two cornet players to complete their line-up. Front row and Repiano cornet are the two vacant positions to be filled. Dronfield go into the area competition next year in 3rd place, so a good performace should see the band promoted...
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    Soprano Solos

    Slow solos for Soprano... You could try one of the following: Bring Him Home, from Les Miserables, about £17, which is good to show off tonal qualities or All By Myself (Horn solo version, just out) which is good for dynamics and range, about £26. All depends on what type of solo you...
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    Front Row Cornet & Flugel needed!!

    Dronfield need a Front row corbnet player and a Flugel player to complete their line-up for the area contest. Tel: (01-1-4) 2351-175 Keppler: Dosed the phone number with antibotics
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    Sop Players Hear my cry:(

    The right blow. Treid loads, still can't beat the old S by Denis Wick, one size fits and all that (not always ;o) ...) If all else fails then next best thing is a 10 1/2 CW by Vincent Bach, completely different I know, but great for range but great if you want volume and tone on pieces like...
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    Soprano Cornet Mutes?

    Soprano Mutes I got a Red handmade cup mute from a stall at Pontins, no maker on it, but its supposed to be a Peter Gane copy made by Shilke! Its was a cool £45 though!!!. I have a Denis Wick straight, which is hard to get hold of, along with an excellent Harmon (both of which came from Band...
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    Dronfield Band (Derbyshire) Vacancies

    Dronfield Band, near Chesterfield, currently require players to fill the following vacancies to complete their line-up: Front Row Cornet, Flugel Horn, E Flat Bass, Bass Trombone. Other player are welcome. For further details: Telephone: (0114) 235 1175