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    for those of you that remember me - what I have be up to (allotment thread)

    I am having a long term break from banding, which is giving me to spend some time at my allotment. This is what I have been doing for the last 2 years. Am missing banding only a tiny bit, miss the friends :biggrin: Hoping I will catch up some some...
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    a couple of whit friday questions...

    I am staying over at a hotel in Castleton. Anyone know how much a taxi from there into saddleworth would cost. It is between 7 and 10 miles depending on which village we decide to go to. Although I have been to the Whits a number of time I have always been playing and the villages tend to...
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    Impressive! roller-blading and mozart
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    3rd valve slide trigger springs for sovereign cornet

    Anyone know a link where I could buy these online?
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    Thanks Alan

    Just wanted to say thanks to Alan Hodkingson for helping us (Flixton) out yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your boat trip!
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    fixing instrument cases

    The hinge on the bottom of my besson soverign cornet case is coming apart. Some of the screws have come out and the hinge is very loose, but the screws seem to be inside the plastic covering so difficult to get at? Does anyone in the Manchester area fix these cases?
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    B&B in Anglesey

    Can anyone recommend a B&B/hotel in Anglesey for a 1 night stay midweek at the end of Aug. Ideally within a couple of miles from a nice beach, walking distance from a good pub and less than £40 per person per night (including breakfast).
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    Whit Friday Tameside Venues 2008

    Could someone tell me which of the following tameside venues has prizes for 'best 3rd section' band? Thanks :) Broadoak Contest:5.00-10.30pm Main Prize:£400 from a total prize fund of £1250 Adjudicator:Mr D R Howard Contact:Mr J Smith, 0161 339 2174 Carrbrook Contest:4.30-10.30pm Main...
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    what really is a ringer...

    With a previous threads talking about the ethics of using deps for contests, it has got me thinking! You hear many complaints of "they brought in player X, who is a championship player". What really is a 'championship' player? If we are talking of a standard of performance then it has nothing to...
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    Battery vs free range chicken farming...

    Did anyone watch the programme on last night about Hugh Fearnly-Wittingstall's campaign "chicken-out". I was generally gobsmacked that some of the people featured on the program had no idea about how battery chickens are raised. Some people were just ignorant, others...
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    Any legal experts out there? (query about payments for building work on our house)

    We contract company X to fit a conservatory. As part of the process we choose a specfic type of glass to be fitted to the roof. In the contract it clearly states the type of glass. When the conservatory is fitted we are doubtful on this glass and think it is wrong type. The glass came with a...
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    Music from the film 'Willow' by James Horner.

    Does anyone know a supplier of this piece? I have found the following: but it's a bit expensive!!!
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    a video of our allotment

    Took a video today to show the progress we have made on our allotment in our first season. We actually took a video of the newer main plot too, but the tape got all mangled (need new camera!). This section is 1/3 the size of a full plot, although we have managed to grow lots of stuff! I wish we...
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    a level results

    Hope all you A2/AS/Voc students out there out the grades you wanted/needed! :biggrin: Have been in college today and I didn't have to hand out too many tissues as it was generally good news. AS results were not as good, but could have been worse! Only GCSE results to go next week and then it all...
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    pay as you go offers

    I currently have a contract phone, but I hardly use it so I am thinking about moving to pay as you go. One with a few free text messages would be good or cheap text bundles. The problem is I really want to keep my current number. I hate going to ask for advice in those phone shops as you get...
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    Iain McKnight is the new MD at Flixton Band

    The Flixton Band is delighted to announce that Iain McKnight has been appointed as the band's new Musical Director In accepting the position, Iain said "I am very pleased to accept the invitation to be the Musical Director of the Flixton Band. Having played with the Band on a number of...
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    what a nice story...

    My neighbour is a headmistress at a primary school in Wythenshaw. With kids, generally and even more so in areas such as Wythenshaw, recieving so much bad press I thought I would share this with you all. A player from Silk Brass had a Cornet Stolen. A primary aged kid found he Cornet dumped in...
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    looking for a contact - Andy Manning

    If anyone has Andy's number could they please PM me with it - thanks :)
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    I know that renting allotments is becoming quite 'trendy' with some places having very long waiting lists. Does anyone else have an allotment? I have been growing veg for a while but I managed to get a plot this year - yey! Apparently this makes me even more of a geek but I am loving it! Any...
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    anyone looking for a NINTENDO WII in the Xmas panic?

    We have had a bit of a mess up with Xmas presents and have ended up with 2 Wiis! :rolleyes: Obviously I could put it on ebay and rip somebody off but I don't see that as being in the Christmas spirit. If anyone is in the Manchester area and is still looking for the number1 sort-after xmas...