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  1. tMP Staff

    An introduction

    Welcome to the site, but I'm not sure why on some of your first posts you start to spam folks with your new site?
  2. tMP Staff

    Registration issue

    Thank you for the heads up on this. I've made the required changes, and it's now functioning properly. Apologies for the delay.
  3. tMP Staff

    Rendering problems with Chrome

    My apologies for you having issues with the site rendering. I've updated the software, has that fixed it for you?
  4. tMP Staff

    Requests to change thread titles

    This has been completed.
  5. tMP Staff

    Requests to change thread titles

    This has been completed.
  6. tMP Staff

    Server move, & software update

    The server move and software update have been completed.
  7. tMP Staff

    Server move, & software update

    Hello all - Thank you for continuing to be the best part of theMouthPiece community. I wanted to let you know we are changing servers to a more updated server along with updating the software to the latest offering. It will look a little different, but function quite similar to how the...
  8. tMP Staff

    Requests to change thread titles

    Please expand the thread, and list the full thread title you'd like for this thread. Thank you!
  9. tMP Staff

    New member from France but old guy

    Welcome to the club, glad to have you here :)
  10. tMP Staff

    Hello everyone...

    Welcome! We are certainly happy to have you a part of our group!
  11. tMP Staff

    Hello - Just joined

    Welcome to tMP! Glad you joined us!
  12. tMP Staff

    Current Spam issue

    Hi @Pauli Walnuts - first thank you for nixing that spam - I was doing a bit of traveling at the end of last week, so apologies for the later reply. I've disabled posting in the obituaries for the time being, since it was the main point of entry for the spam. Our registration system catches...
  13. tMP Staff

    Update to Classifieds

    After 90 days from the last reply to a thread, the thread will be moved to the Sold/Expired forum where you can not reply to the thread. This is just an archive, but will also keep the classifieds free of older threads. Thank you for being apart the Mouth Piece!
  14. tMP Staff

    North Yorkshire and Cleveland Vacancies.

    Good luck on your recruitment!
  15. tMP Staff

    EYMS Band Motor to Cracking Victory

    Our sentiments exactly - a slighty odd post considering he's a well respected MD and Adjudicator :rolleyes:
  16. tMP Staff

    Merry Christmas

    Seasons Greeting from the tMP Team May we take this opportunity to wish all our Members a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We would like to thank you all for your contributions to tMP over the last twelve months and hope that our friendly on-line banding community...
  17. tMP Staff

    tMP Band to play at Pontins 2007 - Sign Up Thread

    Announcement: Hi folks, Many thanks to those who have signed up for the tMP Pontins band. Unfortunately, due to the small number of members who have so far committed, and the time left available, a performance at Pontins would simply not be feasible. After much discussion, the tMP...
  18. tMP Staff

    tMP - Whit Friday 2007 - Questions and Discussion

    Important Notice: We have removed three video links from this thread which we suspect included un-copyrighted musical arrangements. Please ensure that all music which features on video has been authorised through the correct channels before posting. Thank You
  19. tMP Staff

    The Besson National Brass Band Championships Sections 1 to 4

    The Besson National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain Sections 1 to 4 Presented by Kapitol Promotions Ltd. Harrogate International Centre 24 September 2005 Section 4 Test-piece: A Mendip Celebration - Darrol Barry Section 2 Test-piece: Belmont Variations - Sir Arthur Bliss (arr. Frank...
  20. tMP Staff

    The Besson National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain

    The Besson National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain Championship Section Presented by Kapitol promotions Ltd. 15 October 2005 at The Royal Albert Hall, London Commences 10am (doors 9.15am) Test-piece: Eden Dr. John Pickard Tickets Grand Tier: £32.00 Second Tier: £26.00 Stalls: £24.00...