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    Young Hearts, Run Free - Brass Band Arrangement?

    Hi All. Does anyone have or know of a Brass Band arrangement of Young Hearts, Run free as recorded by Candi Staton in the 1970s?
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    Sold/Expired Uniforms for sale

    Gold / Yellow with black collar & cuffs. Must go.
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    Sold/Expired Uniforms for sale

    Matlock Band have 30+ Royal blue with black cuffs/collar and gold braiding contest jackets for sale. Very good condition. Offers around £500. Buyer to collect. See
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    Matlock Band 150th Anniversary

    Matlock Band Celebrates 150 Years Matlock Band’s first competition dates back to 1860 at Belle Vue in Manchester and 150 years on the band is still proudly continuing the tradition of music-making in Matlock and the surrounding areas. In order to mark this anniversary, the Band is holding...
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    Matlock Band requires. . . . .

    Matlock Band (midlands 2nd section) currently have vacancies for a Euphonium / Baritone or Bass player. Percussionist also required. Contact Chris Baldwin on 07984911647 or e-mail
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    Darley Dale Cricket Club Massed Band Finale

    To mark the end of the brass band season at Darley Dale Cricket Club, a massed band will play on Sunday 28th September 2009 at 7:30pm onwards. All proceedings raised will go to the two named charities, Althzeimers and cancer research. We hope as many people as possible will come along and...
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    Matlock Band announces departure of Musical Director

    Following a highly sucessful six years as Musical Director at Matlock Band, Roger Jepson has decided to take a break from the brass banding world. During this time, Roger has lead the band from strength to strength achieving promotion from the depths of the 4th section to the 2nd section...
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    Sold/Expired flugel value ??

    Hi ! As my band have just purchased a shiny new yamaha maestro flugel, we now have a vincent bach strad (around 15 years old) and a Kuhnl and Hoyer (10 years) flugel we wish to sell. Anyone got any ideas on a value please ??
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    Music Graphics/clip art

    We are trying to design our Wedding invitations and have been searching for some musical notes on wavy stave to use. Not been able to find anything so far. Has anyone got any suggestions of sites to look at?
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    Player auditions

    What should a band look for when auditioning a player ? Should it be left to the M.D. to decide or the band ? Our band is currently going through this process and i was wondering what was the best way of choosing a suitable candidate. Obviously playing ability will help sort them out, but...
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    Music folders

    Just wondered if anyone could suggest where and what to buy as replacement music folders. Our band has used A4 ring binders with clear wallets but they are big and bulky as well as being tired. Have tried A4 plastic wallets but they soon split. Any ideas :?:
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    unbelievable outbursts

    Having been at band tonight, i have witnessed the most unbelievable out burst aimed at the bands M.D. which i can only describe as damn right rude. You know who you are lady (???) I hope you are hanging your head in shame and will be phoning with an apology to the offended party asap. Is this...
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    Use of lower octave The 4th section area test piece "Partita" has many opertunities for B flat Bass to take the part down an octave. Many adjudicators have been critical of this practice in the past, but when it was written most bands didn't have 4 valve basses. I feel that the 8ve gives a far...
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    Professional Band Managers ?

    having been band manager for a fair while at my band, i now find that i am not happy with the job. Having covered other committee members ***** on various issues i find that i have actually been failing in my own duties. After deep thought about different issues and having heated discussions...
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    Butlins Trophies

    :?: With the Butlins mineworkers contest coming up i was just wondering where the original Butlins trophey or trophies are. One of the trophies was presented to Kirkby old band around fifty years ago . It was around 18 inches in diameter and made of solid silver. It was last seen 10 years ago...
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    M.D. Wanted

    Matlock requires committed, self motivated musical director to lead the band forward. Good sense of humour essential!!!!! Applicants apply in confidence to
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    Whit friday coda's

    Does anyone know if you have to play a D.C. on the whit fri marches? Bramwyn doesn't have one so do you invent a D.C. ?
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    Subscriptions ?

    Should bands charge subs ? If so how much and how do you enforce it ?