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    The Music of Erik Leidzen - a new recording from Leyland Band and guests in 2012

    Would like to see 'The Cross' included. Very rarely heard or played, if at all, these days and to best of knowledge not recorded much. Good luck with the project.
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    March - Dovercourt Citadel

    Departed Heroes (Coles), The Canadian (Merritt), Praise (Heaton), Crusaders (Goffin), Steadily Onward (Leidzen), Celebration (Condon), March of the Hours (Soderstrom), The Southern Cross (Brian Bowen), The High Council (Steadman-Allen), Faith is the Victory (James Curnow), Chalk Farm No. 2...
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    March - Dovercourt Citadel

    Not to be as Vol 3 is marches from the Festival Series. Can't agree more regards the old marches. Would like to see 'Unconquered' and 'Liberty' being recorded by a top band sometime, both classic Gullidge and overlooked in recent years. Dissapointed they never made inclusion on the recent...
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    March - Dovercourt Citadel

    Indeed. Has a great soprano line and bass trombone part, 2 essentials for a cracking march IMHO. Must admit though I do have a preference for the older recordings of it with the the unique sound of the G trom.
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    March - Dovercourt Citadel

    Dovercourt Citadel is on the Canadian Staff Band's most recent CD 'In Quiet Confidence'. It was also recorded on one of the Egon Virtuosi band Classic March CD's from the early 90's.
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    Sold/Expired Trombone mouthpieces for sale

    Tony, Didn't see any change to the eBAY listing to specify it was the SS version and not titanium. Hope the successful bidder is aware that he's not actually bought the 345USD model as per description noted on your listing but the cheaper SS version at 145USD new. Would have paid up to...
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    Sold/Expired Trombone mouthpieces for sale

    Is the Bob Sanders stainless steel or titanium? You have it listed on eBAY as titanium but mention here that it's stainless steel?
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    Brass in Concert 2010

    Anybody know if a date for this year's Brass in Concert has been confirmed? Thanks
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    Cory Concert

    Heard Francis was also there with you guys. Quite an outing!
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    Black Dyke Brass Festival 2009

    and now and again also known as 'Francis' , eh?
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    Sold/Expired CD World Class Marches of The Salvation Army Volume 1 - Black Dyke Band

    Or 'Liberty', another Gullidge classic overdue release on disc.
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    Foden's coming to Scotland

    Govan SA Band had them up for a concert around 1999/2000 I think, when Nick Childs was MD. Can't recall them being up any time since.
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    Ronald Harrison and an ISB question

    Agreed, def not on USA Tour LP.
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    SA Sop Players

    Hi John, That would have been 66 when I believe they were only the 2nd UK corps band to have toured Canada and the US, following Tottenham's visit in 64. When Govan toured Canada in 2000 under Allan Ramsay, Robert was on soprano doing stand up solos. Exceptional considering that he was...
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    SA Sop Players

    Just been reading through the thread rgds former ISB sop player Ron Harrison and the some comments about his style of soprano cornet playing that made him a very exciting, distinctive and inspiring player to hear through the 60's and 70's. I can remember listening to some ISB LP's from that...
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    National Finals Test Pieces ??

    Perhaps additions to the percussion parts to add some timp/tuned parts????
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    Dr Cobb

    If it is true then it brings to an end a quite impressive period of service and commitment having been BM at Hendon I believe since somewhere around 1978/79. Quite a record!
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    Sold/Expired Bass trombone mouthpieces wanted

    There's prob another 20+ or so bass bone mouthpieces of a much larger size than a Wick OAL! Think the Wick is comparable in size to something around a Bach 1 1/4 - by no means a beast in comparison to what's available.
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    British Open

    Think I can second that if last years shenanigans in Jury's bar are anything to go by! Made a very last minute arrangement to go an hour ago! Loking forward to it! Best of luck to the Scottish bands!!
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    Best Recording by an SA Band???

    I see the original recording of Kaleidoscope is being re-released on CD sometime in May. If you haven't heard the original you'll be in for a treat, arguably the finest recording from an SA band.