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    Brass in Concert 2010

    Anybody know if a date for this year's Brass in Concert has been confirmed? Thanks
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    SA Sop Players

    Just been reading through the thread rgds former ISB sop player Ron Harrison and the some comments about his style of soprano cornet playing that made him a very exciting, distinctive and inspiring player to hear through the 60's and 70's. I can remember listening to some ISB LP's from that...
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    Brass in the Park 2004

    Just wondering if anybody has any results yet for todays contest?
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    Pre-National Championship Finals Concert -Fri 3rd September

    Pre-National Championship Finals Concert featuring The 2004 2nd Section Champion Band of Scotland Barrhead Burgh Band Musical Director - Brian N Keachie LTCL Special Guest Bobby Irvine - Vocal Soloist and Govan Songsters Leader - Chic Ramsay Friday 3rd September at 8pm...
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    Email address for Alan Edmond???

    Does anybody have an email address for Alan Edmond, formerly of Normans and now of Besson Musical Instruments? If so please PM me? Thanks
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    Scottish Championships Results - 2nd Section

    1. Barrhead Burgh, B. Keachie, 12, 184 :D 2. Kilmarnock Concert Brass, A. Keachie, 9, 183 3. St. Ronan's Silver, D. McLeod, 8, 182 4. Dalkeith and Monktonhall Colliery, I. Davey, 1, 180 5. Croy Parish Silver, C. Bradley, 3, 178 6. Lochgelly, R. Tennant, 7, 177 7. Annan Town, D. Shanks...
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    SA Horn Players

    The recent posts regards select/national/fantasy bands got me, as a former SA player, thinking about a select band comprising present/former SA players who have made their mark within the SA or the wider world of brass playing. This proved to be an interesting exercise but one area posed...
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    Bass Bone Choices???

    After a 2+ year period away from playing I'm considering getting back into it again. Problem is I need to buy a new bass bone and since my last instrument purchase, it appears the choice of bass bones has grown with the addition of the Yamaha(Yeo), Rath, Edwards, Bach with Thayer valves/Hagmann...