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    What BRAND of mouthpiece do you play?

    On euphonium, I alternate between the SM3M and SM4M. On trombone (when I actually do play it) I use the Shilke 51D.
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    practice time, and keeping the neighbors happy!!!

    When I went to Minot State, I broke into the music building. :twisted: I figured everybody else was doing it so why can't I? If the security people actually enforced security and I got busted, I would of been in a lot trouble and likely would of been deported out of the US. Granted, at the...
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    Rachmaninov Vocalise

    Its in the Solos for trombone solos, edited by Henry C Smith though I can't recall which key it was written in. I ended up rewriting it to c minor which sounded better to me. I changed measure 6 to a 5/4 measure so the accompianst would know how long I hold the long note. I also took out the...
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    Does playing loud wreck brass bands?

    If the band (or any ensemble for that matter) build the dynamic with a balanced pyramid, that would solve some of the problems. With the pyramid, the tubas are on the bottom and lead the dynamics, the euphs, trombones, baritones, tenor horns, flugel, 3rd cornet in the middle and upper cornets...
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    bass and euph mutes

    I have a R&S mute for my euphonium. They also make it for Bb, Eb and F tubas. It works pretty good once you adjust the dialers to the right position. Since buying my mute 5 years ago, I hardly use it for any performing except for practicing every now and then mainly because I very rarely come...
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    What was your fisrt Solo?

    My first solo was Bless This House by May Brahe back in freshman year of college. My legs shook a lot and I choked on the climax hold on the high concert pitch Ab near the end :oops: :( I've played it a bunch of times since then which went a lot better. The problem with that piece is...
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    Size of lower Brass players

    When I went to college, a couple of euph. there were a couple of gal euph players who were 5'2, 5'3 and they played fine. I'm 6'1, thin build and I have no problems holding and playing euph. or Bb tuba. Recently I sat in playing Bb tuba for the grade 7 and 8 band for a school performance and...
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    Some of my favorites are Shostakovich, Hovhaness, Beethoven, Bach, Palestrina, Galliard
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    Slow Movements

    The middle movement of Euphonium Music by Brian Bowen. I played it two years ago at Minot State University with a very good piano accompanist. Sadly, I don't think I will ever find a piano accompanist that could play it, let alone an oppourinity to play it for anything :( .
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    I do use the Arbans every now and then. I have the Mantia one and the Bowman / Alessi edition which I've been using the last couple of years. I do transpose some of the excerises on sight, put them into tenor clef and down an octave to work the pedal range. Maybe someone can convince Steven Mead...
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    Who has snow?

    At last, it figured out how to snow here. :) It snowed 10 inches last week which kept me busy shovelling the snow off the driveway. The only problem now is my town does a crappy job plowing the snow off the streets :evil:
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    Who has snow?

    Southern Manitoba got 10 inches of snow in the last couple of weeks. The latest storm (yesterday) messed up my plans to goto Minot, ND for a friends wedding :x In both snowstorms, it missed my town altogether. The Arctic chill has arrived and will stay here for atleast a week aka. overnight...
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    Happy New Year

    I would like to say Happy New Year to everybody. All the best in 2004 8)
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    Brass Band Instrumentation

    When I learned BC (back in my sophmore highschool days), I used a beginner yahama euph. methods book then just got used to transposing to the point where it became natural. Similarly, I think Trom41821, you could get a beginner euph book in bc. Yes, I know the songs are simple etc. , but its a...
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    Who has snow?

    There's only 2 inches of snow here which occured in October. Its either been too cold here to snow or when its decent out, we can't get much moisture up this way. Usually there's 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground here this time of year. It better snow big time between now and April or there...
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    Brass Band Instrumentation

    I think its just best to know and be comfortable playing in both TC and BC and bonus if you can play tenor and alto clef. It opens up your repertoire and gig opportunities whether you are doing just brass band, concert band, or any ensemble or solo work. Though the one thing I hate with TC is...
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    New Steven Mead CD- "Euphonium Magic"

    I just received my Euphonium Magic CD. ITS really good 8) . After listening to it a couple of times, I'm going how in the world does he play that double high notes esp. the last notes of Jump Five an 'Wail, Clair de Lune and play them tastefully though its cool.
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    What are the worst pieces you played???

    I disagee. Blue Rondo All Turk is a fun piece. I had quite the experience with it one rehersal. I had to sightread the part and was very ill at the time while it everybody else in the band had a go at it the previous rehersal and practiced it ahead of time. I did a pretty job and had a got lot...
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    What are the worst pieces you played???

    I played a bad arrangement of Shostakovich Symphony #5, the last movement. I can't remember which key it was in but it hurt the ears and it wasn't just b/c my brass band couldn't play the parts in tune or cleanly. The last 30 some measures, the euph. part is playing A above the treble clef...
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    New Steven Mead CD- "Euphonium Magic"

    I preordered my copy last week on and waiting for it to come, likely in 2 weeks time. If the mp3 samples are any indication, this CD is a must have in every euphonium players CD collection.