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    Trumpet Mouthpiece Q?

    Just wondering if there is a way of getting a Trumpet mouthpiece to fit a Shilke Soprano?? Is there a company that does it? Or an adaptor? Any Ideas? :confused: Cheers.
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    Hey Up!!

    Griffin here, AKA Shaggy Currently bandless :-( Sop player for about 3 years. Few lessons from the master ... Crockford for the uneducated! ;-) Learnt to play when I was as toddler. Play guitar in a rock band Currently studying History at the University of Sheffield Besides BB's i like...
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    Make Your Own Movie

    This is a right laugh! At least it kills some time!
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    Did you know that if you type 'Klingon' in Google search, it comes up in Klingon? Just discovered it! Try It How cool is that!
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    Bond Baddies

    Following on from the 007 thread... who do you think is the best Bond Baddy? Sanchez had a bit of class...
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    Puzzle game

    Try this... Still haven't done it! but i'm a bit thick... see how you get on...:wink:
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    Men of Harlech question

    Just wondering if the is a (Soprano) solo version of Men of Harlech out there... Ive got a copy of Charlotte Church singing it, just wondered if anyone has arranged it for Sop cornet (or any). Cheers. P.S. We play Roger Thorne's 'Zulu', with Men Of Harlech in it, and the Sop part is really...
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    History of Brass Band Help

    I am currently studying History at Uni, for my course assignment (basically - 6-8000 words paper based on primary sources) I am thinking of writing something along the lines of the Tradition of Brass Bands in Yorkshire date-date.... I was wondering if anyone can give me some info as to where I...
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    Merry Christmas

    My Girlfriend has banned me from been on tMP for the next few days... Says I spend too much time on here. (nonsense!!) Soooo, I'll say Merry Christmas to you and I'll C U in the new year! (unless I can sneak on when she is not looking! ;-)) Mick
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    Tring to buy a Vincent Bach 17C online

    Trying to buy a Vincent Bach 17C online Can anyone help.. Trying to buy a Vincent Bach 17C mouthpiece on the net but I am having no luck. I can find every other size except the 17C!! Cheers
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    Can a 6-pack make a difference?

    I was reading Dr Roger Webster’s Master Class on 4BarsRest ( "The diaphragm cannot assist expiration. It is purely an inspiratory muscle. During a forced expiration, the anterior abdominal wall muscles are active, in addition to the...
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    Is this the best thing you have any seen? Evil Penguin!!!
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    Wigston Contest.

    Just wondering if any tMPers are going to the Wigston Contest on 21st Nov. Like to know who im up against!
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    I've just got a new bow-tie, not an elastic-pre-made-type one, but one that you have to tie yourself. Thought it would look smarter than my scabby elastic-pre-made-type one. Problem is, I havn't got a clue how to tie the ****** thing! The instructions are useless, I have also looked on the net...
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    MP3 downloads

    I've just got an MP3 player and wondered if anyone knows of any good web sites to download music from. Preferably free and brass band! Cheers.
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    Dronfield Entertainment Contest

    Contest - 46th Annual Invitation Entertainment Contest Date: 25-Sep-2004 Start time: 7:30pm Venue: Dronfield Sports Centre, Civic Centre Dronfield Derbyshire : Tel: 01246 416166 S18 1PD Just a little plug for support. 3 Bands - Stannington - Riddings - er.. and someone else (forget who -...
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    Best Soprano Player - Poll

    As a follow on from the 'Best Soprano Player' discussion, I though a poll was needed to see who is the most popular Sop player as voted by tMP users. I apologise if I miss anyone out - vote 'Other'