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  1. waynefiler

    Decent band music

    hi chaps. My band has just informed me that we've got a bit of money to spend on music and I was wondering what's good at the moment. We're a 3rd section band but like being stretched, and looking for pretty much anything. Thanks Wayne
  2. waynefiler

    Sold/Expired Brass quintet music needed.

    Hi guys, I'm needing 2 pieces for brass quintet for a wedding that is rapidly growing close. Edelweiss from the Sound of Music. La vie en rose as sung by Edith Piaf. If anyone can help me I'd be very grateful. Many thanks Waynefiler
  3. waynefiler

    Blackpool Brass vacancies

    Blackpool Brass are looking for players to complete our successful line-up. With a win at Brass at the Guild and a qualification to the National Finals in Cheltenham, we have a good concert/contest balance. We are looking for, Tenor Horn Front Row Bass trombone Perc. All positions are...
  4. waynefiler

    Sold/Expired Geneva Evolution Cornet

    Hi all, I've got a Geneva Evolution cornet for sale, if you're interested please bid on eBay or pm here. thanks. wayne
  5. waynefiler

    Big Bands in the Blackpool area.

    Hi Guys, I'm moving to the Blackpool area in April, Does anyone know any big bands that would require a trumpet player. Thanks. Wayne
  6. waynefiler

    Bass players required for concert, 6 April in Wokingham

    The St Sebastian Wokingham band are needing both BBb and Eb basses for an evening of stage and screen music at the Wokingham Theatre on 6 April. Expenses will be covered. If you can help, please contact: Contact: Paul McNeill (Chairman) 07801 517711 - Lee Woodward (MD) 07979...
  7. waynefiler

    Skyfall for band

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Adele song from the film Skyfall for brass band? theres a video on YouTube of it as a trombone solo and a youth band played it at the action medical youth contest the other week, so surely it has been published... Thanks everyone. Wayne
  8. waynefiler

    Besson prestige cornet springs

    Both my main slide and 3rd valve trigger springs have just snapped, does anyone know where I can get a replacement set of if the springs off of a sovereign will fit? Thanks all Wayne
  9. waynefiler

    A question for instrumental teachers...

    Hi, I quite fancy getting into teaching, but unsure how to get started (yes I know, getting a pupil is a good start!). Can anyone recommend any good books on how to teach or has anyone got any good advice. many thanks Wayne
  10. waynefiler

    St. Sebastian Wokingham Band

    Following a recent revamp, the St Sebastian Wokingham Band's new website is now gone live. With links to our Facebook and Twitter pages and a new Meet the Band page, come and take a look at Berkshire's premier brass band.
  11. waynefiler

    BBb basses required for concert, 13 October in Wokingham, Berkshire

    The Saint Sebastian Wokingham Band require 1 but preferably 2 BBb basses for a concert at Saint Sebastian Church, Wokingham on the evening of 13 October 2012. It is for our Gala Concert so a wide variety of music is programmed. at least 1 rehearsal would be ideal but not essential. Expenses...
  12. waynefiler

    Ross-on-Wye contest. 18 November 2012

    The St Sebastian Wokingham brass band are planning to go along to the Ross-on-Wye contest in November, but in order to go we need a few helpers. 2nd & Bass Trombone, Eb & Bb basses, 2 Percussion. If you fancy a day out making great music with the South's friendliest band, contact either; Paul...
  13. waynefiler

    The New Grandfather's Clock

    Is Alan Fernie's "the new Grandfather's Clock " available for sale? If so, where? Thanx all
  14. waynefiler

    St Sebastian Wokingham Band - vacancies

    Basses (Eb & Bb) and Percussionists required to join our friendly 2nd section band. We have a reasonable concert and contest schedule inc. the Whit Marches Based in Wokingham, Berkshire and within easy reach of both M3 and M4 motorways and close to Wokingham rail station We rehearse 20:00 -...
  15. waynefiler

    CD recording -- how much?

    Just thinking of a possible project for my band and a CD sprung to mind. Ive looked on a few sites but can't find any prices. Can anyone out there shedsome light on the matter or is it "if you have to ask, you can't afford it!" Cheers
  16. waynefiler

    The Carousel - Roy Newsome

    Does anyone in tmp land know if Roy Newsome's the carousel has been recorded and know where I could find it. Ta Wayne.
  17. waynefiler

    Sold/Expired Geneva Evolution Bb Cornet - For Sale

    Having moved onto soprano at band and use my work owned Prestige at work, I've noticed that I'm not playing my Geneva Evolution Cornet at all and thought that it is too good an instrument to sit in my cupboard and gather dust. I bought it Jan 2011 and havn't really played it since. It's a large...
  18. waynefiler

    Eb and Bb basses needed for Crawley entertainment needed

    Saint Sebastian's Wokingham Band require an Eb and a Bb bass for Crawley entertainment contest on 20 may 2012. We are competing in the second section so are able to borrow from bands from 1st section down. If you are able to help please PM me or call our MD Lee Woodward on 07979590156 Thanks...
  19. waynefiler

    Front Row Cornet and Eb Bass needed, in Wokingham, Berkshire.

    St Sebastian Wokingham Band require a front row cornet player and an Eb Bass to join our friendly 2nd section band. We are a contesting band, but we try to limit our contest appearances to 4 per year, primarily the National Competition (Area) and contests organised by SCABA (Southern Counties...
  20. waynefiler

    Soprano needed

    Hi all, Yesterday I had some bad news, I have to give back the Schilke sop that I've been borrowing which leaves me without an instrument. Has anyone got a decent instrument I could borrow. Make is irrelevant as long as it plays well with good intonation. Thanx all Wayne