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  1. Maestro

    Gary Speed

    Just heard the dreadful news that Gary Speed was found dead at his home this morning. He was only 42. A sad loss to the game of football. My thoughts are with his family. RIP Gary Speed
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    RIP Graham Dilley

    Just heard the sad new that Graham Dilley has passed away at the far too young age of 52. Often overlooked for his part in 'Botham's Ashes'. RIP Graham. Thoughts are with his family.
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    Votes needed for a grant

    Good evening all. I'm involved with the Romford Drum and Trumpet Corps, and we are in the running for a grant. If you could find time to read the following and then please vote for us, it would be very much appreciated. Kev We are in the running for a grant for £6,000 to fund...
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    Horrible Histories Proms

    Yesterday I watched the Horrible Histories proms with my daughter. I thought it was excellent. Questions: 1.Were any of the orchestral players on TMP involved in it? 2. Who did the arrangements? 3. Did you enjoy it and how did it differ from other prom events you have been involved...
  5. Maestro

    Widows TV Theme

    I need to find a recording of the theme tune from the tv crime drama series Widows. Any idea who wrote it or what it's called please? I had an idea the music was by Robert Farnon, but having searched his site, I couldn't find any mention of it. All help greatly appreciated. Regards Kev
  6. Maestro

    I'll be there

    I'm sure I've heard 'I'll Be There' as sung by the Jacksons somewhere before, but for the life of me I can't remember where. Anyone out there help me or am I imagining it. It's the opening bars of the main tune that is striking the chord with me (pardon the pun). Regards Kev
  7. Maestro

    Over Reactions?

    Many times, banding has been likened to football. In football, players and managers sometimes over react of things don't go their way, and they invariably get punished, some may say depending on the size of the club. We all know not everybody is going to like their result at one stage or...
  8. Maestro

    Brighouse - winning performance - Pagannini

    Have to say, having just heard Brighouse's winning performance, and I don't mean any disrespect here, it was a performance that left me a tad cold. Technically, yes, to me it sounded fine, apart from a couple of minor blips and suspect tuning(?) but emotionally, I found that it didn't move...
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    Second hand book sites?

    I've got quite a few books that I'm looking to sell. I've tried googling to see which sites would be best to sell them on, but they dont offer a lot. Does anybody out there know of any sites that buy 2nd hand book in the uk? I dont really want to use flea bay and amazon really. Regards...
  10. Maestro

    Sold/Expired Euphonium for sale

    I have got a Yamaha Maestro euphonium for sale. Would like £2,000 ono for it. It come with a DW 2AL gold plated mouthpiece and hard case. Very good condition. If you are interested please contact me by pm or email me at Regards to all. Kev
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    What's This?

    Got shown one of these recently. There is no name on it or any manafacturer. It shows all notes of every scale and most chords. Has anyone any idea what it is, or if U can get hold of one. My mate got it in a car boot sale for 50p, and he wont let me have it. All help as usual greatly appreciated
  12. Maestro

    All time league table 1888-2007

    I got this from a WBA fan The All-Time League positions from 1888 to 2006-7 are as below. Points awarded are simple: 1 point is awarded to the Club who finish 92nd and 92 points awarded for the Club who finished top. (In 1888, when there were only 12 Clubs, the winners - PNE - are awarded...
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    New language?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes. Mods, please move if this is wrong. European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the European Union rather than German, which was the other possibility. As part of the...
  14. Maestro

    Keep Fit

    Have decided finally to get myself in some kind of shape now. Thought I would share my keep fit programme with you all. EXERCISE FOR PEOPLE OVER 40 Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of room at each side. With a 5-lb potato sack in each hand, extend your...
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    FA Cup

    How far do you think your team will get this year? Hopefully, my team will be in the hat for the fourth round draw. FA Cup third round draw: Preston v Scunthorpe Port Vale/Chasetown v Cardiff Colchester v Peterborough Bolton v Sheffield United Blackburn v Coventry Brighton v...
  16. Maestro

    World Cup Draw

    Here's the Europe draw, courtesy Group 1 Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Albania, Malta Group 2 Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Moldova, Latvia, Luxembourg Group 3 Czech Republic, Poland, NORTHERN IRELAND, Slovakia, Slovenia, San Marino Group 4 Germany, Russia, Finland...
  17. Maestro

    Gadget advice needed

    My significant better half - or so she tells me - has let it be known that she wants an MP4 player for Christmas. I know nothing about these new fangled gadgets, but after a quick google session, I came across this. Can anybody out there please advise me if this particular one looks ok. Price...
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    Skytalk and Sky Broadband

    Anyone use any of these packages? Are they any good? The price seems good to me, but I know nothing about the actual services they provide. All help as usual greatly appreciated. Kev
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    Sibelius Score

    When I click on the 'single parts' (under full score tab) after just completing a new score, the individual parts don't seem to have the instrument name there. On previous scores they have. I am using Sib 4. Any ideas please? All help as usual.... Kev
  20. Maestro

    Printer Ink

    Just come across a site for cheap printer ink called ''. Has anybody used this company before? Are they any good? Can you let me know if you have used any companies that specialise in cheap/er ink that are ok? All help greatfully accepted as usual. Regards Kev