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  1. amgray

    Sold/Expired Alto Trombone Wanted...

    I have a Yamaha Custom and a Packer Alto. While there is a difference in quality it isn't nearly as profound as the price differential would suggest. The Packer would be fine to learn on, and like many other things, when you can do it right, get yourself a good 'un!
  2. amgray

    CALLING ALL TROMBONISTS - Internet Trombone Broadcast 09/12/2007

    Going out Worldwide on the Internet, live from a cowshed in the heart of Norfolk, the home of Wayland Radio. There’ll be 3 hours of chat, interviews, recorded and live performance, broadcast across the world!! Contributors include Denis Wick, Ian Bousfield, Dennis Rollins, Andy Berryman, Simon...
  3. amgray

    Silent Brass

    I'm a trombonist. I've used one extensively for the last 3 years with no problems. Just make sure that you breathe properly. I have found that using the headphones for some of the practice (rather than just using as a practice mute) with the reverb OFF really helps production as it amplifies...
  4. amgray

    Ladies Of Banding

  5. amgray

    Brass Band Concert for Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

    I'll be there on trombone - any other trombonists?
  6. amgray

    Opinions urgently sought.

    This weekend I will be interviewed by BBC telly (for Inside Out) as to why there are falling numbers of kids taking up Trombone specifically and Brass instruments generally. This is a great opportunity to get the message across - as I see it the main questions include; 1/ Are falling numbers of...
  7. amgray

    Practice Mutes

    Surely this is only a problem in 2 scenarios: 1/ Only certain harmonics are affected (not in my experience of both Wick and Yamaha practice mutes) 2/ You have perfect pitch (in which case adjust the tuning slide!!) Most players (myself included) have relative pitch, 2nd position notes...
  8. amgray

    Blown out....Tired

    I used to have a Conn 8H which was previously owned by David Want when he was principal at the Halle. That instrument WAS blown out, the sound didn't 'ring' no matter who was playing it. A friend of mine has an 88H that was previously Dudley Brights - that is also blown out. Whatever the...
  9. amgray

    The Dream Team

    Ian Bousefield was principal trombone at Yorkshire Imps at the age of 15. He was with Imps until early 1982. He played at the 1982 Open with Hammonds Sauce Works. He also played with Newham for 6 months until he got Principal trombone with the Halle. Yep, I'm an anorak :-)
  10. amgray

    New Soprano at Black Dyke

    I completely agree.. At the end of the day surely most bands need to entertain the audience to encourage them to come back.
  11. amgray

    Hassle at Harrogate 2004!

    On Saturday 11th we rehe***** until 13:00 and made sure that we were at the Conference Centre 30 mins before the draw (we were at Harrogate for 14:30.) and congregated as a band at 15:15 to find out our draw.(the swear word filter allows rehearse but cannot be ***** to allow rehearesed...
  12. amgray

    Harrogate, National Finals 2004

    DEFINITELY a brown sticky liquid in my experience...
  13. amgray

    Harrogate, National Finals 2004

    National Finals, Harrogate 2004 Apologies if someone has already started a thread on this subject but.... I'm there with Clacton in section 1. Which other tMP'ers are going (with details of course...)
  14. amgray

    Has anyone been taught by Tom Paulin or know him??

    I played at Hammonds in 1982/3 when Tom was principal cornet (just before he emigrated to Oz). Previously he was principal cornet at Grimethorpe. He was superb at triple tonguing, probably the best I've ever heard.
  15. amgray

    Unbanding claims to fame!

    Jamie Reeves (former Worlds Strongest Man) told me the truth abouth Father Christmas when we were both 6. 36 years later and my Mum STILL hasn't forgiven him :shock: :shock:
  16. amgray

    Delays & environment on contest day

    I completely agree with Tony Malone. I have stood backstage at St. Georges Hall and been told in a very offhand manner by an official that to warm up all we needed to do was blow air through the instrument and we didn't need to actually play notes. The registration officials were all...
  17. amgray

    sight-reading-how good are you?

    The reason that the top bands sight read well is that they spend less time rehearsing a piece than a lower section band would. In my experience it is not at all unusual to do a minimal "top and tail" of a concert piece and perform it on a gig a few days later - and for pieces that have been...
  18. amgray

    Pedal power (Or lack of...)

    One for Grezzy to comment on methinks.....
  19. amgray

    Back to Banding

    Welcome back to Banding!!!:D :D I had a 5 year break ending in February this year. With some judicious practice (not overdoing it) its all starting to come back physically, the weird thing is that the mental side seems as fresh as when I stopped :shock: :shock: Obviously when you've...
  20. amgray


    The phrase "Diaphragmatic Breathing" has been in common usage for a number of years, Dennis Wick, Ian Bousefield and Chris Houlding (amongst many others) are particularly fond of emphasising it. It makes sense to have simple, effective explanations for complex processes. The fine details of...