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  1. bagpuss


    Hiya all I'm after a copy of Firestorm (Bulla????) and Beatrice and Benedict. Anyone know if any band has recorded these and if the cd's are readily available. I vainly looked on itunes for the tracks but as I might have guessed not a sniff!!! I only really wanted these tracks because generally...
  2. bagpuss

    tMP 5 Years Live - The Winners

    If you've never met BMB then you've never been in the bar at any contest that her band is playing at or that's anywhere near where she lives or at anytime when there's a 'y' in the day!!!! Sense of humour....yep. Intellectual wit.....jury's still out!!! Well done Madame stripey person Puss
  3. bagpuss

    Hello! I Am Mr Thicky

    *cue horrendous mental images of badger in lift and separate bra and the aforementioned rhinestone bikini* At this time in the morning, those images are usually called NIGHTMARES!!!! On the subject (yes there was one originally) of to warm up or not to warm up, it very much depends on...
  4. bagpuss

    Stupid Proverbs!

    .....has change for a £20 note. Many a true word............
  5. bagpuss

    A Short Guide to Preparing to Record a Brass Band CD

    Better late than never I suppose!!!!...... I must add to the comments by Roger and Big Twigge on the recording by KMJ. It was a very enjoyable weekend (despite me aching in places I never knew I had). If anyone is in the process of deciding to make a cd and trying to decide who to record it...
  6. bagpuss

    That Was The Week That Was . . .

    OK, well where shall I start I have been fortunate (?) enough over the years to play in bands with some serious pranksters. For example a certain cornet player for a certain band many years ago thought it would be fun for the band to go for a jog around the running at track at a competition in...
  7. bagpuss

    lost at Burton-Upon-Trent

    Can I add a personal plea to this? If anyone DOES have any idea how to find Super_Sop's voice, I'LL PAY DOUBLE WHAT HE OFFERS TO KEEP THEIR IDEAS TO THEMSELVES!!!!!! ;) :biggrin: ;) :biggrin: ;) :biggrin:
  8. bagpuss

    Official tMP Welsh Regional 2007 thread

    Yeah, just realised my mistake:oops: :oops: think I'm still tired after yesterday. Look on the brightside though - I made a BIG STUPID mistake today and not yesterday!!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: Puss
  9. bagpuss

    Official tMP Welsh Regional 2007 thread

    anyone got any results for the welsh areas? Looked on 4 bars rest and they barely even mention that wales exists
  10. bagpuss

    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2007 Thread

    Thanks to all for the comments about our win yesterday. I knew when we came off stage we'd played well but I didn't think we'd played quite THAT well!! Amazing feeling after being away from the contest arena for a little while to come back and win straight away. To make it that little bit...
  11. bagpuss

    Preston Brass at the Guild 2007

    Aha!!! I know exactly who you are!! You are the drunken one. The one who I know lots of things about that you'd rather I didn't mention to anyone!!! Nice to see you at Preston. By the way, your avatar is pootle from the flumps. Quite what that has to do with your username I am yet to find...
  12. bagpuss

    Anyone have a drum machine...?

    How do you think I've been getting away with it for so long at Wem?? Thankfully RT hasn't found it yet and if he has, he hasn't found the volume control or off switch!!!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: Puss
  13. bagpuss

    Preston Brass at the Guild 2007

    A little late in replying I know but that's how it goes. Holywell played Triptych (Philip Sparke) in second section and won!! Thanks again to all those at Holywell for making me feel very welcome whilst playing what is just about my favourite test piece ever. Congratulations on the win. And...
  14. bagpuss

    More late train excuses

    We'd never stop trains for a badger on the line, no matter how protected/rare/smouldering she/it was!! Surely though, if it was smouldering it's more likely to be well done than rare?? oh well...... Sheep on the line are a hazard and usually requires trains to be stopped and/or cautioned Cows...
  15. bagpuss

    Stupid Proverbs!

    .....while they're alive. They keep moving which makes accuracy difficult. Never go to work...........
  16. bagpuss

    Unusual pets...........

    we have at least one shark, dare I say a pig :oops: (sorry stu), a badger, a saggy old cloth cat a few foxes :oops: and a whole bunch of muppets!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: Puss
  17. bagpuss

    Funny thing Happened in Supermarket ???

    Oh yes (see thread about things said or thought when young), however, this is a family forum and I would definitely fall foul of the mods if I explained!!! Puss
  18. bagpuss

    Stupid Proverbs! more than likely to empty its contents on you when you're caught out in the open without any rainwear/ Do unto others...............
  19. bagpuss

    Help! Any physiotherapists or such like.

    I believe that the official recommendation is to give up playing bass trombone and to stop drinking beer. That should do it. Puss
  20. bagpuss

    Silly things you thought or said when you were little....

    Just rememberd I question that I heard a little boy asking his mu when I used to work for Sainsbury's and they were shopping. Unfortunately, the subject of the little boy's question would very definitely fall foul of the tMP censors!!! Anyone wants to know, pm me or go on msn Puss