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  1. Flat Eric

    String or Elastic?

    I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos of brass players and noticed that some, especially trumpet players, have something like string tied around their instruments. At first I thought it may be ornamental like Arturo Sandoval who has a small cross hanging from his horn. But today I spotted a...
  2. Flat Eric

    Mr Arban Killed my Music Stand

    I was delighted this morning when the postie delivered my package. I removed the cardboard cover and set Mr Arban upon my music stand along with 120 Hymns for Brass Band and several loose sheets of music. I hurriedly put away my gardening tools and returned to my music practice corner. I found...
  3. Flat Eric

    New to Brass

    Hello, the kids have finally moved out, I have time to spare, I don't like watching tv and I need a new hobby. A while back I was at a music festival and got chatting to a couple of guys who were playing in a brass band. They invited me to go along to a practice session and try a brass...
  4. Flat Eric

    Help needed with mouthpiece id

    I recently found a cornet mouthpiece hiding under the foam in my instrument case, there is no makers name on it, just Made in England G22. I bought a Denis Wick 4B to replace the beaten up Yamaha 11E4 that came with my cornet, but the mystery G22 just seems to suit me better. I've tried looking...