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  1. amgray

    CALLING ALL TROMBONISTS - Internet Trombone Broadcast 09/12/2007

    Going out Worldwide on the Internet, live from a cowshed in the heart of Norfolk, the home of Wayland Radio. There’ll be 3 hours of chat, interviews, recorded and live performance, broadcast across the world!! Contributors include Denis Wick, Ian Bousfield, Dennis Rollins, Andy Berryman, Simon...
  2. amgray

    Opinions urgently sought.

    This weekend I will be interviewed by BBC telly (for Inside Out) as to why there are falling numbers of kids taking up Trombone specifically and Brass instruments generally. This is a great opportunity to get the message across - as I see it the main questions include; 1/ Are falling numbers of...
  3. amgray

    Harrogate, National Finals 2004

    National Finals, Harrogate 2004 Apologies if someone has already started a thread on this subject but.... I'm there with Clacton in section 1. Which other tMP'ers are going (with details of course...)
  4. amgray


    Apologies if you have seen some of these before; After insulting Bass sections in a previous post, next week I 'ar mostly be insulting Flugels :-) Why are band concert intermissions limited to 20 minutes? So you don't have to retrain the drummers. What did the drummer get on his IQ...
  5. amgray

    Feeling Old??

    According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the 60's, 70's and early 80's probably shouldn't have survived, because:- Our baby cots were covered with brightly coloured lead-based paint which was promptly chewed and licked. We had no childproof lids...
  6. amgray

    John Maines broadcasts on the Web

    The link from 4Bars Rest
  7. amgray

    Downloadable Manuscript Paper

    This may be of interest for anyone who needs manuscript paper (does anyone else still 'DryKnack'??)
  8. amgray

    Andy Lincoln / Grimethorpe on the BBC News Website

    On the BBC News web site today (04/03/2004)
  9. amgray

    Spam emails - probably HIS fault!!!

    For all those who have suffered from spam emails to excess, look at this link from BB far less civilised than ours (But being IT contractors what do you expect??) BTW, these guys REALLY know how to put the boot in when somone...
  10. amgray

    It's all YOUR fault!!!

    Well after surfing here for the last 16 months (happily initially) as a former player, the itch has built up to an unbearable pain and before it erupts into a festering sore I've bitten the bullet and started playing again!! 5 years off, and now my family will have to put up with lip...
  11. amgray

    Rising to a Crescendo???

    Anyone else noticed BBC News using this phrase recently? Apparently in the sense used by the (semi-literate) journo's things have recently been "rising to a crescendo" for several stories on several continents. This is obviously a global phenomenan :shock: Now call me old fashioned, (and...
  12. amgray

    VERY experienced Trombonist seeks band in East Anglia

    After a 5 year layoff due to work, I've decided to start playing again. Now living in Diss, Norfolk I've emailed a couple of local bands with vacancies but no replies!!!! Here goes: Trombonist with 20yrs experience of Yorkshire Championship Section seeks new band of any section in East...
  13. amgray

    Brass Band music on radio

    Given the recent complaints about the lack of Brass Band music on radio, I feel that there is probably a market for a 'pure' Brass Band station broadcast over the Internet. The question is.... are people willing to pay a small subsciption to receive it? If there is positive response I will...
  14. amgray

    Trombone player seeking band in East Anglia

    Well, after a four year lay off I've got the bug again!!! (Thanks in no small part to tMP) If any band within striking distance of Diss, Norfolk is after a trombonist please contact me on