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  1. JohnnyEuph

    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2010

    gotta feel for Hatfield, one of these years they will get a decent draw
  2. JohnnyEuph

    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2010

    there are another 7 placings arent there dip****
  3. JohnnyEuph

    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2010

    can someone please post the full results so i can go to bed
  4. JohnnyEuph

    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2010

    wakey hatfield dyke marsden brig grimey is what i have
  5. JohnnyEuph

    Butlins - Draw and Results

    ;) in your opinion? I heard one band late on that had quite an error strewn time of it. lots of clips right from the start, and in every solo line there were issues, clips + tuning. They did have a massive sound though, - they were in the top 3 . . . That's just my opinion however.
  6. JohnnyEuph

    Butlins - Draw and Results

    Well done Miles you played an absolute stormer yesterday! I think we acquitted ourselves quite well considering the very short notice we had. The band has put in a tremendous amount of work in in just two and a half weeks. Yes our programme was old stuff but we entertained none the less. If...
  7. JohnnyEuph

    Super leeds super leeds

    Ha Ha, plenty of them in bands tho, no need to do any serious mileage if thats yer cup of char, and I'm sure its better in green army country eh rapier
  8. JohnnyEuph

    What is a "Community" Brass Band?

    ... with not a single miner in it figure
  9. JohnnyEuph

    What is a "Community" Brass Band?

    I guess that means I play for a Community (and occasionally subscription) Colliery Band then!
  10. JohnnyEuph

    Why the dislike of carrolling and xmas music

    If you're trying to get back in (like me) it's probably the perfect time - no pressure, lots of playing the same thing so you get the feel back!
  11. JohnnyEuph

    Spring Festival 2009 pieces announced...

    Agreed, but although this piece was difficult for bands at the 1st Section Nats 05. It really shouldn't be too much of an issue for bands in the Senior Cup 09. Not so much friend more like Brother, and we were both in the band on that day!
  12. JohnnyEuph

    Spring Festival 2009 pieces announced...

    I don't think he was inferring anything by that. Pageantry is a fine test and is a more disciplined and bigger blow than Spectrum, but not technically as hard, and no it is not as difficult a piece as as say Harmony Music, or indeed other recent picks for the cup like Paganini And how do you...
  13. JohnnyEuph

    Now Pennine have folded, who's next?

    Really sad to hear about Pennine packing up. I played there in 02/03, the year the band won the senior trophy and I have always held very fond memories of the band and the players. Mr Porthouse really had the band spellbound as I remember, and sometimes there was an almost surreal buzz in the...
  14. JohnnyEuph

    Cambridge International Masters

    ...MY band?? Not my band chuck. I got my marching orders the other day! I'm finishing playing and taking up golf!
  15. JohnnyEuph

    Cambridge International Masters

    What mystifies me is how often bands seem to think they are exempt from rumours being circulated about them, and discussed on what is (after all) a public forum? Nothing official was said about Avram Grant prior to his departure, did it stop people discussing rumours of it? Er, No. If an...
  16. JohnnyEuph

    Spring Festival 2008

    bring on whit friday. if this is owt to go by it'll be a riot..,(literally!):biggrin:
  17. JohnnyEuph

    Bands playing behind the beat

    Anyone encountered 'wax on, wax off'?
  18. JohnnyEuph

    What is the hardest piece you have ever played?

    Had a look at Robert Redhead's 'Infinity', last night . . . . . . . . .
  19. JohnnyEuph

    what band would you most like to be a member of?

    ..Any, as long as i'm challenged and and it's a laugh. Where I am at the moment fits the bill just right.