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    We are in Oman, give us a shout if you are down in Muscat. We have a great brass ensemble. Darrol
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    3rd/4th section testpiece for concert required

    Here are a few of mine that may be of interest: Divertimento Cassation Hungerford Town Contrasts Fanfare and Variations Schatdorff Impressions
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    Masters 2011

    This request actually came from some bands to the contest organiser some weeks ago. I heard from the publisher that this had been agreed and did I have any objections. At least on this occassion the part swapping is above board but if it had been at the Nationals or Open I would have refused the...
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    Gig bag help please

    Thanks everyone for your help as always !
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    Gig bag help please

    Hi, I am looking for a gig bag that will hold both a flugel and tenor horn so we can take it on the plane back to Muscat. Can anyone help? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Darrol
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    Pontins 2010

    It's a brand new piece of music, the bands at Pontins will be giving it the first performance. More details to follow.
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    Who is going to Butlins? (2010)

    Hi Alan, Thanks for your message. Contrasts is available from Studio Music, if you email you will be able to order the piece from them. Best wishes, Darrol
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    Who is going to Butlins? (2010)

    Thank you Andrew, am over the moon about it. All five pieces have been specially published for the contest, am looking forward to hearing them next January. Hope you are well. Darrol
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    Haitian National Anthem

    Hi Aiden, Attached is a link to the Haiti national anthem Best wishes, Darrol
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    Who is going to Butlins? (2010)

    Good luck to all the bands taking part this weekend.
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    Solos for BBb bass and band

    HI Andrew, Thanks for your kind comments!! Marley's Ghost is something different for your BBb bass players and is available from Kirklees Music
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    Cheesiest brass arrangement ever?

    didn't do eastender's, not sure where that came from. Anyway continue with your cheesy chat!
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    Cheesiest brass arrangement ever?

    Neighbours and Eastenders where always going to be hits ;) I wonder how many copies they actually sold?
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    Cheesiest brass arrangement ever?

    I hope you meant Derek and not me :oops:
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    New music from Darrol Barry

    Just in time for your Christmas concerts are a few sparkling arrangements: Studio Music Silent Night – a new Bb cornet solo including a beautiful obligato, written for Christopher Blaylock of the Longridge Band. Available from Obrasso Hark the Herald...
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    Area test pieces 2010

    Championship Section: English Heritage (George Lloyd) – published by R. Smith & Co. 1st Section: Moorside Suite (Gustav Holst) - published by R. Smith & Co. 2nd Section: Kingdom of Dragons (Philip Harper) – published by Harper Music 3rd Section: Labour and Love (Percy Fletcher) –...
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    'Hellish' Band Music

    Here are a few of my works: CERBERUS A contest march named after the three headed hound that guards the gates of Hell. Available from SPOOKY Eb bass solo, something different from your usual repertoire. Recorded by Foden’s on the CD Ghost Train. Available from...
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    Your Views: Worst Band Music Currently Available

    Must have taken you ages to come up with that, another well thought out thread, has this not already been done before mods? As I have said before Mr Bernaerts knows his market, and the audience enjoys listening to his arrangements as they add something different to the programme from the...
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    How to write music for Brass Band?

    Everybody has to learn their trade and a composer is no different. When I was a apprentice joiner I may have had visions of building a house but I had to start by learning how to handle the tools, saw a straight line,plane a piece of wood and hammer nails in straight. If your music is to have...
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    Top 3 Conductors of the World :D

    James Scott Roy Newsome James Gourlay