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  1. subtlevib

    Cornet Concertos

    I'm writing a long and laborious essay and I need a list of cornet concertos that have been written in the last fifty years. Want to make sure I haven't missed anything... Can you prompt me with some??
  2. subtlevib

    Mouthpiece cleaning

    Hello! I've got a tub full of old and tatty mouthpieces that with a bit of effort could look much cleaner and nicer, that I use for people to try out or for whole class type trying. I know chemical cleaning is all the thing, but I wondered if anyone has any success with the larger ultrasonic...
  3. subtlevib

    Help needed - Riisager

    Hi all, I'm not going over to the dark side, but need some detailed info on the Riisager Trumpet Concertino. Anyone know where there's any info other than the wikipedia-type entries on the internet. Books are non-existent or in Danish - I've gone to great lengths to look. There must be someone...
  4. subtlevib

    Adjudicators / Players

    I don't know if this has been touched on before, but what are your thoughts on the following: How can it be deemed objective or ethical even, for a musician, actively playing in the Championship Section, to adjudicate the same section in another area?
  5. subtlevib

    Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band - Second Section Midlands Champions

    Due to relocation, 'Second Section Midlands Champions', Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band require an Eflat Bass player to complete the line-up of this progressive band. Please contact Musical Director, Mark Allen, in confidence, on or 07758 398007.
  6. subtlevib

    Press Release: Bilton Boasts New Bandroom!

    On Saturday 30th June 2012, members, friends and supporters of Bilton Silver Band, old and new, will gather at the Winwick Place site to officially open their new bandroom. A plaque will be unveiled by band members Keith Fisher and Stanley Cunningham, both of whom have been members of the band...
  7. subtlevib

    "B" Bands.

    I'm wondering what folks' experiences are of "B" Bands. From the point of view of successes - what has made them work? And also if they haven't worked, what could have been done differently to make it happen, if anything could have been done at all. I realise a lot of bands up and down are...
  8. subtlevib

    4br Coverage of Regionals

    Ok, so when is 4br going to acknowledge the existence of any other areas than the North West and Yorkshire? Previews? None as yet. Line up? None as yet, but the 'RE-views' keep coming. Hello 4br - there is life south of Sheffield. Discuss.....
  9. subtlevib

    Bilton Silver Band at Rugby Theatre

    Bilton Silver Band at Rugby Theatre. Performing a programme of "British Light Classics" 7.30pm Sunday 19th February. Tickets £8 and £7 from the box office on; 01788 541234
  10. subtlevib

    First Class Percussionist required

    The Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band (Second Section) urgently seeks the services of a first class percussionist to complete the section for the forthcoming Area Qualifying Contest. All applications in confidence to the Musical Director, Mark Allen, to or on 07758 398007
  11. subtlevib

    Section Statistics

    Does anyone know where I might find info about the number of bands in each section, regionally and nationally?
  12. subtlevib

    PERCUSSION VACANCY -Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band

    Bilton Silver Band, a Midlands-based 2nd Section band (representing the Area at the forthcoming finals) is looking to recruit an additional able and committed percussionist to complete their team, post-contest. All enquiries, in strictest confidence, should be made to Mark Allen, Musical...
  13. subtlevib


    Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band (second section) are looking to fill the shoes of our 2nd Euphonium player who’s leaving us to go to University. The lucky applicant gets the opportunity to join a friendly and progressive band and will be someone who’ll work closely with his section, showing...
  14. subtlevib

    Karl Jenkins' "Stabat Mater"

    Can't wait for someone to start arranging some of he movements from Karl Jenkins latest offering. The 'Sancta Mater' is amazing and will sound superb for band and the 'Ave Verum' and 'Lament' will make stirring solos. Who's got some time to devote to these?!!!! :clap: