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    Pontins Predicitions?!

    EYMS in 4th - you got inside info?
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    Speed Camera Locations and Numbers?

    Close Michael, but no cigar.:lol:
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    Speed Camera Locations and Numbers?

    No. It's worse than that. He's a driving instructor. Top speed of 20mph!!:ranting2:
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    Cornet player looking for band in Hull area

    People know who I mean when the pudding band is mentioned. You did!! :-)
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    Old Cars, New Cars, Dead Cars.

    Thought from EYMS it would be old bus, new bus, dead bus!
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    Death of a true Gem

    It's the same in their Sports Mixtures too. The answer, is to bin all the fake black ones, and replace them with LION Licquorice Tablets. (Lion were the original makers of Midget Gems + Sports Mixtures).
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    Cornet player looking for band in Hull area

    So are the pudding band, and EYMS!
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    Live in North Yorkshire? Want to play at the Finals?

    And the point is? :rolleyes:
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    Live in North Yorkshire? Want to play at the Finals?

    Are you asking people to become Band prostitutes? :wink:
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    Bands in the national press again!

    Potentially because the outcome of this case has possible effects for the majority of people involved not only in Brass Banding, but also many other leisure activities. I haven't seen anything further in the press regarding the outcome of the hearing in early June (possible because the hearing...
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    The worst comment made in an adjudication

    One well known ex euphonium palying Yorkshire man, described the trombones in Labour & Love as being " hit round the head with a cricket bat". Did he perhaps mean, we were a little loud?
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    Could you stay with your band without contests?

    I'd stay, a good concert performance, well appreciated beats hands down a good contest performance, where generally half of the 'audience' are willing you to do well, and the other half are waiting for any slip, and are guarded in their praise. In a concert, the audience are there because they...
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    Nominations: Website of the Month: July 2006

    I'd like to nominate the East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band - - full of fascinating information, news, and a gallery that shows the best in all sides of Banding (Performance, socialising and fun). Someone to second it please.
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    Lakeside Contest 2006

    Have you decided on the ten bands already, or is it possible to gain an invite?
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    Name the 42 football teams...........

    Hull City - The Tigers (boys shirts). Crewe - The Railwaymen (train and little men on window sill) Again on the window sill York City - The Minster men
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    Contests to separate the men from the boys!

    Love that description. We only get yellow music - no suggestions where that comes from!!
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    Contests to separate the men from the boys!

    True, but like all weaknesses in our technique, they are the areas we should concentrate on. I, like most players have some strong areas of technique, many that are okay, and some that are a weakness. I have to say that these weak areas are actual physical techniques, that are neglected because...
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    Maintaining your tMP UserCP email address....

    You must have the patience of a saint to have been putting up with, and dealing with that amount of bounced/unwanted email. I get annoyed with two or three!
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    Contests to separate the men from the boys!

    Isn't sight reading just another aspect of a players technique?
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    Use of Rotary valve tuba in contests

    Yes, if you visit some European countries you can see rotary valved cornets, Germany & Austria particulary. Should we return to the ripping sound of the G Bass Trombone then - perhaps that is why no key is stipulated for the trombone. It is quite an interesting theory this, there have been...