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  1. bbg

    Bandroom Insurance / Sharing

    We are currently rehearsing in a building, owned by the local authority, with a view to entering into a formal tenancy agreement after certain essential works have been done. All being well, we should be very much "at home" for years to come. We have an informal arrangement with a community...
  2. bbg

    Perthshire Brass - Band Reunion October 2012

    CALLING ALL WITH PERTHSHIRE BRASS CONNECTIONS - WHEREVER YOU ARE! All players, committee members, supporters and friends of Perthshire Brass, both past and present, are invited to share in an evening of music and memories in celebration of all things to do with the Band since its’ formation in...
  3. bbg

    Scottish Open / Challenge Shield 2011

    Pre - Draws made at SBBA AGM yesterday. Kirkintilloch have withdrawn from the Open, and it appears that a few "qualifying" bands have declined the Shield invitations - 5 1st section instead of 4 but only two from the 3rd (none of which were top 3 - 4th and 6th/7th if memory serves me...
  4. bbg

    The all-new "Nightshift" thread

    I remember a thread unting all the tMP night owls from a while back, and as I now have to develop an interest in this topic, I thought I'd resurrect the thread and ask for some advice at the same time. After 35 years of "daytime" working, I start shifts for the first time ever soon. 12 hour...
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    "Aranjuez mon Amour" - missing score help?

    We discovered at rehearsal tonight that our score and 1st Bari part for Darrol Barry's arrangement of this piece have gone walkabout. Any kind folks out there able to supply any spares? Apparently the arrangement is out of print due to copyright technicalities. We'd like to feature this at a...
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    Football strips - best and worst?

    The team that I've supported through thick and thin (mainly thin it has to be said) for over 40 years, Raith Rovers, have launched their new season's "away" strip. Nothing unusual in that, but this year, as part of a partnership with a cancer charity, the shirts are PINK with burgundy trim - see...
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    tMP Predictions 2011

    Can we have the Scottish Championships added please - 26/27 Feb? Thanks!
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    Banding "apps"?

    Having recently caught up with 21st Century technological advances (we've had electric light up here for a while , thanks, to any cheeky sassenachs!) and not only joined Facebook but obtained an android phone - are there any banding / brass related "apps" out there? I've already downloaded a...
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    Prediction Thread?

    Apologies if it's just me and I've missed an announcement, but trying to enter predictions for this weekend and keep getting "no contest list". Is there a problem or is it my PC paying funny beggars? Thanks for any info.
  10. bbg

    5 Concert Weekend for Perthshire

    Perthshire Brass are looking forward to full participation in the forthcoming "Perth 800" celebrations, marking 800 years since the city received its Royal Charter. Our weekend starts off with the Youth Band providing music outside Perth Concert Hall on Friday afternoon, 2 July, whilst civic...
  11. bbg

    "Deps" - and payment?

    Touched on this subject in the recent "percussion" thread, so thought I'd throw it open. How many bands actually rely on / budget for regular "deps" in order to compete? One poster in the other thread referred to a band paying into four figures for 3 players for an Area contest - how can an...
  12. bbg

    World Cup : How long until..................

    .......................England get mentioned in the commentary of the opening game, South Africa v Mexico? ......................the commentator for the Final says "England could have been here if...."? ......................1966 gets mentioned? My guesses are : 3 seconds after kickoff...
  13. bbg

    BBb Bill - Congratulations?

    'twould appear that tMP's very own resident farmer, Mr Willie Ralston, is now an engaged man. My source? Dr Nicholas Childs, no less, who announced the news to an audience of 1200 during Black Dyke's concert in Perth last night.:clap: Congrats Willie - here's to a long and happy life together.
  14. bbg

    Brass Band "Monopoly"?

    Just caught a radio news report on the way home, discussing an Inverness version of Monopoly substituting local place names for those on the "classic" board. I know that there are many such versions out there now - but it set me thinking...... If there was a Brass Band Monopoly set, which...
  15. bbg

    Northern Counties Contest 2010?

    Apologies if this info has already been issued, but does anyone know if this contest is going ahead this year? Usually held in Forfar around the end of May (24th last year) but not listed on SBBA website, not aware that there's been any contact with our secretary. Cannot find a "live" NCBBA...
  16. bbg

    Help please - "And All That Jazz" score needed

    Perthshire Youth Brass are competing in the Scottish Youth contest next Sunday (29th) . and it has come to light that our copy of the score for the Frank Baernarts arrangement has disappeared into the night somewhere. If any wonderful tmP'er can help by lending a score that would be given to...
  17. bbg

    Borders Entertainment Contest 31 October

    Perthshire are venturing south of Edinburgh to take part in this contest for the first time this Saturday. The pre-draw has given us a late slot, so we can leave at a sensible hour rather than the feared 7am had we been "early doors". Anyone out there know much about the venue from a playing /...
  18. bbg

    Famous Former Pupils

    Another outburst of randomness on my part.......... Did anyone who later became famous go to the same school as you? A boy who left Kirkcaldy High School just as I was arriving goes by the name of Gordon Brown, currently doing a spot of Prime Ministering (when he's not back home watching the...
  19. bbg

    What's your job?

    Will start this thread with the usual apology in advance if this has been done before. What are the occupations of all of us tMPers out there? I know that we have a good number of teachers (a "school" of teachers I suppose?) , the wonderful DMBabe is a nurse, and of course we have our very own...
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    Perthshire Brass pre-Tour Concert

    Following a very successful trip to Germany and Holland in 2008, Perthshire have been invited to return to Aschaffenburg, near Frankfurt, to participate in the city's 2009 "Kulturtage" on Saturday 4 July. We will be sharing the evening, on the castle esplanade, with bands and choirs from...