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  1. mikemjc

    Sold/Expired 2 years on & this is my tribute

    'Royal Parks' was written as a tribute to the Royal Marine bandsmen blown up in London in the eighties It is a fitting and lasting tribute to those that were lost needlesly
  2. mikemjc

    Area dates

    Many Many thanks, Now to plan my life :guiness
  3. mikemjc

    The Finals In Dundee

    a crumb of comfort to those who 'waz robbed' and apologies to those who read it in 'bbw' A conductor when reading the adjudicators comments was somewhat baffled. they read; 'We (the adjudicators) do not think that you have fully understood the composers intentions' the Music was another...
  4. mikemjc

    What *is* it that makes a good practice???

    Hi Di To me a good rehersal is when after your MD say thank you and good night folks at the end of the evening your thinking 'what, not now I'm buzzing lets just do another couple of hours' and everything is just going so right. :D
  5. mikemjc

    Bugle Contest

    Thanx for that Naomi would be there with Lypstone but Jo's getting mariried so am having to do the daddy bit. have a geat day and the sun WILL shine :bounce :guiness
  6. mikemjc

    Sold/Expired Brass band recordings

    thanx guys. yes Im looking for the 78's themselves. very elusive they are. 8) Onwards and upwards
  7. mikemjc

    Sold/Expired Brass band recordings

    Does anyone out there no whether there are any brassband recordings that were made on 78 rpm gramaphone records. All that I seem to be able to find is milatery recordings. Nice as Im sure they are it is not what Im looking for. Can anybody help :?: javascript:emoticon(':dunno') Hmm, just...