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    Durham League Grading Contest

    Any results from A & B sections?
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    Durham League Contest Date

    Is the contest still scheduled for the 16th November (same day as Brass in Concert - which clever people picked that date?) or has it been changed to a more sensible date? Nothing has been issued since the last meeting, there's nothing on the league website and not everyone can attend meetings.
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    Help - BBC Programme from 1980's

    In 1988 the BBC made a documentary, for a local programmme, called (I think) 'Farrell in Pursuit of...' They followed a number of bands, including Desford, to the RAH for the Nationals where the test piece was 'Seascapes'. I can remember the camera crew being opposite me in one of the boxes...
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    DLI Contest in the park

    Having seen the entry rules, which as is usual with this contest are unclear, there seems to be some discrepancy/confusion over the twenty minutes programme rule - so can some one answer the following:- 1. Is it 20 minutes total music or (like at the Ripon contest) 20 minutes total time...
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    Durham League Gradings

    I gather the gradings were announced for the above on Tuesday but there has been no notification yet on any websites. Any info please on the ups and downs? (Colin!!!!) Cheers.
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    Rare Nationals Recordings - Help & Info

    I'm currently working on a few projects regarding our major contests and the first is the Nationals including the Area contests. I need info on any recordings made in the past of the championships. I have details of the offical LP/CD recordings made for general public release from 1967 and...
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    Listen to the Band - time for change or to go?

    I've just listened to the first of this years LTTB's which was from Brass in Concert. Why did the producer feel justified in having Frank Renton speak over the music on four of the seven pieces broadcast, thus spoiling those pieces, for me at least? You'd never get away with it on Radio 3 and...
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    Ripon Entertainment Contest

    Has the order of play and the adjudicators been announced yet? Nothing on Ripons website at the moment.