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  1. bbg

    Unfair advantages to contesting

    Our bandroom is in the same town as the contest venue - but we did not book rehearsal time at the Concert Hall, just as we have not booked any other contest venues in the past. Like Tullis, we had fantastic attendances at rehearsals (averaging 24-25 easily ), a residential weekend for intensive...
  2. bbg

    Scottish championships predictions

    Congratulations to the Tullis Russell organisation, both bands winning.....fundraising for Cheltenham started already guys?! Also a big well done to Ian Milligan and Callander in section 4. We are happy with our 4th place, establishing us in the 2nd Section in our second year since promotion...
  3. bbg

    All seats filled for areas?

    We are fielding a full band, as ever, from the folks who turn up to rehearsals and jobs all year......however our tuned perc player is due on a flight home from Birmingham on the Friday before the bad weather/strikes/delays please!
  4. bbg

    Help with move from Cornet to EEb Bass

    Made this move about 5 years ago, had a brief move to bari, back to bass - then cornet for a summer when a bad back made handling the bass tricky (which turned into playing 3rd cornet at the Cheltenham Nationals in 2012!) then back to bass where I honestly feel at home now. I took a lot of...
  5. bbg

    Music Suggestions - Tour to Germany

    Perthshire Brass have been regular visitors to Bavaria over the years, and generally a good mix of general concert music does the trick, especially if most jobs are outdoors so nothing "special" comes to mind - although as mentioned above, "Amazing Grace" always goes down a treat (but then when...
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    Favourite test pieces?

    Listening - "Vienna Nights" is up there although rehearsing "Chaucer's Tunes" led me to have a good listen to "Whitsun Wakes" a couple of weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it after a few years. Playing - have not actually played this on stage, but just for rehearsal purposes we had a look at...
  7. bbg

    Christmas Concerts programming

    We tend to go for "all Christmas" once we start the lights-switch-on, Christmas market-type outdoor jobs from late November; indoors it is generally all Christmas as well although one regular venue has been known to have requests for other music thrown in as well. The usual suspects come out...
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    Bandroom Insurance / Sharing

    Thanks for this - will have a look at the full wording soon (ironically I work for a large broker, but the Bands' insurer is not on our "panel" !) and discuss again with our committee.
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    Bandroom Insurance / Sharing

    We are currently rehearsing in a building, owned by the local authority, with a view to entering into a formal tenancy agreement after certain essential works have been done. All being well, we should be very much "at home" for years to come. We have an informal arrangement with a community...
  10. bbg

    areas 2014

    Would agree re "Chaucer's Tunes" - again based on a run-through with most of our Uni students absent, but signs are that this will be a far fairer test than "Plantagenets" (great a piece though that is) was last time around .
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    Blown Away - Sky One Series (Greatest Little Britons)

    [QUOTE=Mello;841691] Band Diaries are almost empty ,well the lower profile bands anyway, even in the North where I live. There are 4 Bands in my immediate area ( NONE with a full complement ), and looking at the diaries this morning, I can count the engagements on one hand...
  12. bbg

    Blown Away - Sky One Series (Greatest Little Britons)

    Jarred, not view is that the TV company were more than likely told the correct info but chose to ignore it; would a documentary about English football refer to Manchester United as a "first division" side? Probably not!
  13. bbg

    Blown Away - Sky One Series (Greatest Little Britons)

    Easy really Fiona....just borrow the wee Fiat 500 (and the nerve pills) from the Dinnington wifey....!!
  14. bbg

    Blown Away - Sky One Series (Greatest Little Britons)

    As expected, a bit of the proverbial curate's egg. The most jarring thing rom a bander point of view was the constant reference to "first division" etc instead of the correct Section appellations. Some nice wee cameos of home life for some folks though. Unfortunately the "eccentric old dears"...
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    Rehearsal rooms

    We recently moved in to our "own place" - on an approval / trial basis pending the hopeful completion of a management agreement .The premises were a Bowling Club, rented from the local authority, which has an adjacent and thriving tennis club. We are co-existing happily with the tennis folks so...
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    Rehearsal Nights

    Perthshire Brass: Youth Band 3 - 4.30, Senior Band 5 - 7.30, both Sunday
  17. bbg

    Paddy's Scottish Area - 2013

    On the subject of promotion / relegation - we (Perthshire) came 10th of 11 on Saturday in our first year back in the 2nd section, and by my arithmetic we and Irvine look like going down; however the section was one band short this year as Dunaskin Doon did not compete. If they are "awarded" 12th...
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    Regretting nothing and melting down the brass.

    Stopped playing when I (amicably - due to geography) left the SA in 1990, resisted several attempts from a band to join them as I still felt awkward at that point about playing in an "outside" band. Over ten years and a work relocation later, got involved as a parent/supporter when my son joine...
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    scottish open

    Interesting remarks from the men (not) in the box today - Archie Hutchison's comments were priceless, debunking the "unanimous decisions" over the past "hundred years" with sharp humour, whilst John Doyle likened adjudicating to having toothache in that listening to "tuning issues" is painful...
  20. bbg

    scottish open

    Agree with Brassneck - Milnrow, opening the contest, with "Earthrise" was fantastic - a fresh, exciting piece of music well played. Particular mention to the bass and perc sections who were immense throughout! Didn't hear all of the bands, but as ever (and I'm only a teeny bit biased - honest!)...