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  1. Rob

    pBone vs real trombone

    Question for the brass teachers out there: I'm considering buying a set of pBones (and maybe pTrumpets) for my school. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is a good idea or whether I should spend a bit more and get 'real' instruments? They are mostly going to be used with younger kids...
  2. Rob

    London instrument repairs

    Can anyone suggest a good brass instrument repair place in London? Not for a 'repair' as such, I have some valves on an oldish baritone that rattle around and would like to get looked at. Thanks!
  3. Rob

    European Recordings

    Does anyone know why the European recordings that have been going up on Facebook all morning have now started being taken down again? I was enjoying listening to them - what is the reason for these being taken down? Something to do with rights to record? I know there will be the World of...
  4. Rob

    Theft from the Open

    I have had a black rucksack stolen (I think) from the bar in Symphony Hall this evening. If anyone at the Open has picked up a black rucksack by mistake from the area of the bar nearest to the entrance please contact me on 07738114968. Many thanks, Rob
  5. Rob

    Kilroy is new Solo Euphonium at YBS

    YBS Band are delighted to announce that euphonium star Mike Kilroy has joined the band on Principal Euphonium on a full-time basis. Mike has decades of experience at the highest level of brass banding with many of the country’s top bands. Mike has actually been a team member at YBS for over a...
  6. Rob

    Sold/Expired Baritone Solo CD

    Hello all, Diana Herak (Brass Band of Columbus), Helen Tyler (Fodens), Katrina Marzella (Leyland Band) and myself (YBS Band) have just released a baritone solo album entitled 'Baritones to the Fore!'. Nothing like this has ever been released before, and the CD contains many of the major works...
  7. Rob

    Sold/Expired Say goodbye to performance nerves forever!

    A friend of mine, Angela Whitehead, has asked me to inform tMP members of how her hypnotherapy business can be beneficial to brass players, and musicians in general. She is an extremely experienced hypnotherapist based in Manchester, who specialises in boosting confidence, particularly in...
  8. Rob


    Hi, Is anyone aware of any existing recordings of 'Samson' by Horovitz?? Its a piece for baritone (singer), chorus and band. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Rob
  9. Rob

    Jaguar (Coventry) Band

    Hi, If anyone from Jaguar (Coventry) Band is on this, could they please send me a PM, need to get in touch with someone from the band. Cheers! Rob
  10. Rob

    Quattro Brass Masterclass/Concert

    On Sunday, December 4th Quattro Brass will be giving a masterclass and concert in the Over Wyre area involving around 60 young brass players from the Pilling Junior Band. We will be doing sectional rehearsals, a workshop and also will be giving a short concert. This is a great way for the group...
  11. Rob

    Logging out

    A friend wants to log-in from my computer, but I seem to be automatically signed in whenever I come onto the site, and when I try and log-out it gives an error message!! Can anyone tell me how I can log-out successfully from this site??? Cheers, Rob
  12. Rob

    New brass band music on e-bay (!)

    Just got sent this link from a friend in America, MODs sorry if this is deemed to be offensive or anything!
  13. Rob

    Looking for telephone no.

    Hi I'm looking for Lucy Forbes' (2nd bari at CWS) phone number could anyone who has it on here please let me know, either on here or in a PM. Ta very muchly
  14. Rob

    Kirklees Music

    Does anybody know if it's actually still running?? I ordered some music from their website at the beginning of the week, and nothings arrived yet and I haven't heard anything back from them! Probably just worrying to much but need this music quite soon! Has anyone else had the same problem...