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  1. The view from the Chair

    Adjudication and Quality Control

    From Paddy's Welsh Area thread ( ) From Criticism of Adjudicators thread ( ) From the 'UK Banding: Yesterdays people, yesterdays ways?' thread (...
  2. The view from the Chair

    Accurate Gradings? - Record the Regionals, and help Adjudicators help the Bands

    I still believe that the Regional contests should be the sole basis for each Band's grading, but I have been to twelve years' Regionals, now, and when the day is done and the results announced there's two sets of comments that always arise. To put it diplomatically, there's the "I don't quite...
  3. The view from the Chair

    Comic Relief - have a laugh and raise some money

    I'm having my beard shaved off for Comic Relief. No-one in the Banding world, nor where I work has ever seen me clean-shaven, and the last time my wife saw me beardless I was still a teenager. It is our 30th Wedding Anniversary today and I have had my beard for 33 years. Comic Relief's vision...
  4. The view from the Chair

    Whitwell till I die

    I am a non-playing ("Who's sneezed ink all over this page? So that's what music looks like. Ah well, at least I can listen!) Brass Band Supporter. Any more of you out there who would like to say "Hi"? I got into Banding as a dutiful parent. One day my son came home from school to say that his...