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    BBb Bass and Back Row Cornet Vacancies - Mid-Rhondda Band

    Thomas Coaches Mid-Rhondda Band have vacancies for a BBb Bass and 2nd or 3rd Cornet player. We are a friendly, sociable 2nd section band based in Tonypandy, rehearsing Thursday evenings. If interested please contact Alan Gibbs Tel: 01443 673169 for further details.
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    Sold/Expired Yahama Xeno Tenor Bb Trombone for Sale, Good Condition £1350 ono.

    Purchased new about 5 or 6 years ago but has only had very light use in the last 4 years. I think the model number is YSL 8820 Bb/F Xeno but I can't find the original paperwork and the bell just says Xeno. Good condition, blows very nicely, slide action is fine, there is minor cosmetic wear...
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    BBC Best of Brass

    I posted some clips of Cory from this series in about 1982 to youtube recently, here's one of the links: This was salvaged from an old Betamax tape. I also have a tape of SunLife vs Carlton Main, 1983 final, which I will get around to posting soon. If you search youtube there are a few other...
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    Bands at Cheltenham 2013

    Yes, but 4BR, and, for that matter, other online pundits, are giving THEIR opinions on how THEY would call the results having listened to the bands, and for me that provides an interesting alternative perspective on the contest apart from the one produced from 'the box'.
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    Bands at Cheltenham 2013

    How do you draw this conclusion? The results are, after all, only the opinions of the adjudicators in the box on the day, and as we all know another pair of adjudicators might well have come up with a completely different set of results.
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    Thomas Coaches Mid-Rhondda Band require a Flugel player

    Mid Rhondda Required: A vacancy exists for a FLUGEL HORN player. We have excellent attendance at rehearsals on Thursdays at 7.45pm at the Band Hall, Dunraven St. Tonypandy, RCT. CF40 1AL We have a very friendly, sociable group of players, and are just 25 minutes from the...
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    Thomas Coaches Mid-Rhondda Band, South Wales, 3rd Section - Vacancies

    Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda Band Required: Following a very successful re-building programme, we now require just one back row cornet player to complete our line-up. Either Repiano, 2nd cornet or 3rd cornet - players are happy to move in order to accomodate! Other players always...
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    Thomas Coaches Mid-Rhondda Band, South Wales, 3rd Section - Vacancies

    Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda Band Required: We currently have vacancies for Eb/Bb Bass, back row cornet, and Percussion. Other players always welcome to come along for a "blow". Rehearsal on Thursdays at 7.45pm at the Band Hall, Dunraven St., Tonypandy CF41 1AL. Rehearsals are...
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    Requests to change thread titles

    Please can the the Mid-Rhondda Band thread here be changed to a more general title: Thomas Coaches Mid-Rhondda Band, South Wales, 3rd Section - Vacancies Thank you
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    Get on with it, man!

    I think we might have moved a liitle bit away from the point here - or maybe that IS the point of this post?
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    Get on with it, man!

    Just hang on to your tickets a bit longer while I tell you about the fledgling movie industry which existed in my village when Hollywood was still barren farmland...
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    Get on with it, man!

    Well it's a blue ticket and...fleas did you say? Now here are some fascinating facts you might not now about fleas...
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    Get on with it, man!

    Well I'm going to tell you, but first I have a few anecdotes about my home town...
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    Get on with it, man!

    Well, I know who won the waffle!
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    Get on with it, man!

    Am I alone in thinking that when an adjudicator gets to his feet to speak at a contest, what I want to hear is some insightful comments about the performances he has just heard, swiftly followed by the results? Nothing more, nothing less. At the regional contest in Swansea last Saturday we were...
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    Brass Band Registry.

    Just a suggestion - if you haven't already done do, visiting , entering the band(s) you have played for and then clicking on 'I played at this contest' for each relevant entry will give you a nice list of contest appearances/results which you can keep/print out. The...
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    Band Pieces with Narration

    The King With the Terrible Temper - Edrich Siebert (I seem to remember this is more of a comedy item than a serious piece of music)
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    Mechanical Tremolo Assistance...

    Sounds like a high whisk strategy to me...
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    Sold/Expired looking for a Sparx 4E sop mouthpiece

    Not sure, but from memory definitely taller than 4'8". That's what you get for reading Wikipedia... :)
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    Sold/Expired looking for a Sparx 4E sop mouthpiece

    Not sure about that - I've heard some physically small people project a huge sound. Bram Gay springs to mind - quoted on Wiki as 'the shortest man ever to play in the Scots Guard Band', he was principal cornet at Fodens aged 14, and became first trumpet at the Halle. Try Arnold Jacobs breathing...