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  1. John Brooks

    Lockdown practice

    I listened to an interview with Richard Marshall the other day and he made some really interesting comments on Method material. He was interviewed by Derek Lance.
  2. John Brooks

    CV19, why the inequity?

    I agree with you and see similar things happening here in Canada as well. One example is the border between Canada and the US is supposed to be closed to all but essential travel which is proving to be a bit of a joke (if only it weren't so potentially serious it would be funny). I see so many...
  3. John Brooks

    Lockdown practice

    Good for him, that's quite amazing. And thanks for the encouragement as well. Maybe I should never have laid it down....but having done so and having tried to pick it up again (with encouragement from my daughter and two grand daughters) but with poor results I've decided to leave it alone. I...
  4. John Brooks

    Flugel Horn Sticking Valves

    Excellent advice Mello. There's another thread on hear somewhere that discussed instrument maintenance and I commented at the time that nobody ever taught me how to properly care for my instrument. I believe your comments could / should be copied and pasted into a maintenance manual. I don't...
  5. John Brooks

    Lockdown practice

    I can personally relate to this from a non-playing perspective. I'm almost 75, retired last December (finally!) and was trying to figure out my post retirement life when COVID came along. Any form of structure to my days that I had established was quickly lost due to the isolation.
  6. John Brooks


    Recordings were included by Britannia Building Society on Year of the Dragon and Black Dyke on Soloist Showcase. Not sure if that helps in your search. PS: Spelling is Devil's Galop on both.
  7. John Brooks

    How has banding changed and what have you experienced during your lifetime?

    I realized after posting that I had forgotten three other significant changes since I started playing in the mid-50's. One is the involvement of women at all levels. In some cases it's an increased involvement but in others it was a more profound change and today it's happily become a part of...
  8. John Brooks

    How has banding changed and what have you experienced during your lifetime?

    It's been said that we need new and interesting topics and I'm hopeful that this might fit both parameters. I grew up in Kensington, west London and was taken to the local Salvation Army at Notting Hill my my elder brother when I was five. It was there that I first learned to play the cornet...
  9. John Brooks

    Face Masks - what price a Banding Recovery?

    Well Jack, thanks for your post which, in all honesty I just skimmed over. I live in Canada and the Government here have made a bunch of mistakes as well as getting many things right. Mostly it appears they were lucky when they got things right and unlucky when wrong; they simply did the best...
  10. John Brooks

    cially those playing Euphonium89 and not out.

    Welcome. I too no longer play at all due to age (somehow and apparently quite suddenly I find myself approaching 75). I know some successfully play well beyond my age but for me I felt it was time. This site isn't as active as it once was but hopefully you'll find something of interest.
  11. John Brooks

    Are bagpipes musical instruments or weapons?

    I love the bagpipes...........when I'm in Ontario and they are being played in the highlands of Scotland! My personal response to the question is they are a fearful weapon. I do of course speak in jest.........or do I?
  12. John Brooks

    Government Petition

    Just saw this and I think it pertinent to this discussion:
  13. John Brooks

    Rachmaninoff Prelude in G Minor, Op. 23, No. 5

    Jim, I just checked my collection and I don't have a single recording of this transcription. Maybe the lack of recordings can be a further consideration for you before you make any purchase.
  14. John Brooks

    Time for a shakeup?

    I agree that this site isn't as busy as when I first joined. In some ways that's a good thing because there a less trolls active as well. Even when there are events that might trigger a flurry of activity (eg: British Open; Nationals etc.) that no longer happens. My personal opinion is that...
  15. John Brooks

    Government Petition

    There's a lot of dialogue on this topic here in Canada as well as in the US. I hope the parliamentary debate is successful in every way.
  16. John Brooks

    Andrew Berryman

    Well spoken "Mr.B" and welcome.
  17. John Brooks

    Post COVID-19 document from the West Point Band

    I just read this and thought it might be of interest to others. Here's the link: Army Band COVID-19 Risk Mitigation for Large Groups
  18. John Brooks

    Lockdown Laughs - the Scrawl of the Wild

    Jack, I get your point and also appreciate that, at this time, many of us living in lonely isolation with little to no meaningful, face-to-face interaction for so long are struggling where we would not normally have a problem. You're not alone in that. Hopefully, you'll be able to at least...
  19. John Brooks

    Lockdown Laughs - the Scrawl of the Wild

    You've reminded me of a long ago visit I made to the UK. I shared with my friend some of the current Canadian "Newfie" jokes. One example: "What's black and blue and found floating in St. John's harbour? A mainlander caught telling Newfie jokes". A few days later St. John's had morphed into...
  20. John Brooks

    CD's versus Downloads during Pandemic

    I've been wondering about the future direction of recordings, particularly of bands which has always been a niche market. I've started to use download options over the past year or two, even though I am old school and prefer to hold a "product" in my hands. Now that we are well into the...