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  1. missflugel

    Easington Open Rehearsal

    On Tuesday 24th November the Easington Colliery Band will be holding an open rehearsal at the Easington Colliery Methodist Church. In addition to rehearsing the test piece for the upcoming Scottish Open contest we will be playing a selection of music from our new CD. Entry is free and...
  2. missflugel

    Easington Colliery Band in Concert

    The Easington Colliery Band presents a night of music from around the world featuring Northallerton Male Voice Choir. The concert is at Elvet Methodist Church, Durham and starts at 7:30pm on Saturday 8th November. Tickets £6. Available on the door Jo x
  3. missflugel

    Sold/Expired Domen

    Does anyone have the parts for the Flugel solo Domen? I have been looking for ages, it takes ages to get it ordered and I've been waiting for 6 weeks so far. I'm really wanting to play it this summer. Cheers Jo x
  4. missflugel

    Soloist copy of Scarlet Ribbons

    I was wondering if anyone had a soloist copy for Scarlet Ribbons (Flugel solo with piano accompaniment). Cheers Jo x
  5. missflugel

    Durham University Brass Band Annual Summer Concert

    The Durham University Brass Band are delighted to announce that their annual summer concert wil take place this year at Elvet Methodist Church, Durham on Friday June 17th starting at 7:30pm. The concert has been organised to round off a succesful year for the band who took part in an exchange...
  6. missflugel

    Durham and Leeds Universities Massed Bands Concert

    The Brass Bands of Durham and Leeds Universities are coming together for one night only to perform a selection of banding classics. Both bands are busily preparing for the concert which will take place at Elvet Methodist Church, Old Elvet, Durham on March 12th at 7:30pm. The concert came...
  7. missflugel

    Does revision actually help?

    So I've just had my first exam and it went horribly wrong. Everything I'd revised for was incorporated in to different questions and i couldnt really discuss stuff properly. This may serve me right for doing a degree in Chinese and Japanese, my big mistake, but i still think that even with...