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    Whats happening at Dyke. Brett gone??

    Do you pay hundreds of pounds a year for a season ticket to see Black Dyke and are the players on 50 grand a week?
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    Whats happening at Dyke. Brett gone??

    I've got another definition ****- someone who has as much chance of playing for Black Dyke as me bedding Kylie but still feels qualified to badmouth them. p.s. I would never say a bad word about Kylie.
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    Nigel Wight

    How sad! Nigel was one of the good guys. God bless him! Mike Fox
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    2007 Spring Festival Results & Discussion

    Just noticed you have Steven Mean as one of the judges!!? Is this a Freudian slip? Are you expecting him to be in a bad mood?
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    Caption Competition : April 2007

    This is an appeal on behalf of RABIT (Re-hydrate A Barking Iron Today). For years we have been taking the p*ss out of them. It's now time to give a little back!
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    Caption Competition : April 2007

    For number 2's please use the Eb Bass!!!
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    Situational Awareness Scenario

    What is the best way to get yourself out of the following situation, think carefully before looking at the answer: You are driving in a car at a constant speed. On your left side is a 4 foot drop and on your right side is a fire engine travelling at the same speed as you. In front of you...
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    Clackmannan District Brass Band

    Derek was one of the good guys! Great company, a great bandsman, great fun to play along side and a great friend. God bless him! Condolences to his young family and my old mates at Clackmannan who must all be totally gutted at such a huge loss. Mike Fox
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    You Wont Like This. Tuff!!

    Do you wish to 'Lodge' a complaint?
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    Sellers Youth finish 2005 in style

    Sounds like you're doing a grand job Mark. Well done to Crat as well. Merry Xmas
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    Presentation night

    The inaugural winner was sop player Markyboy, if you ever you see Pennine play he's the one making the clanking noise walking on and off stage!
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    Presentation night

    Pennine have the "Balls of Steel" award for outstanding bravery on the contest platform!
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    Brian Duguid

    Sad news! A very nice man and very dedicated to his music. Mike Fox
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    Super E's...

    Use 2nd for a bright sound, 2 and 3 is better for tuning but not as clear. Practise chromatics C to F to C repeated, slow slurred crotchets at various volumes using fingering C=0, C#=2,D=0,D#=2,E=2,F=123. Treat this as a muscle building excercise, just a few minutes every other day, overdoing it...
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    BBb Bass Position Sought - West Yorks

    In a climate where good BBb bass players are as rare as hen's teeth I can personally recommend to 'any' band that they snap this guy up. Class player who also does a mean band website!! Yo Matt!
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    Official "Spring Festival" thread

    Congrats to Hepworth, looking forward to hearing a top show in Birmingham! Fantastic for Ashton as well, considering they were supposed to be 'down and out' not so long ago. Well done guys!
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    April '05 Caption Competition

    Team GB reveal plans for cleaning up at the next Olympics - By cloning Sally Gunnell!
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    The 'Official' tMP Scottish Regional Thread

    looking ay his photo Neil's not getting any prettier though!
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    The 'Official' tMP Scottish Regional Thread

    Hope the RAH test piece has a huge euph solo and you can let them know that class euph playing isn't limited to the usual list of English and Welsh 'superstars'. Congrats again!
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    The 'Official' tMP Scottish Regional Thread

    Great result for Nitten and Ramsay. Must have been particularilly sweet after a year in the first section. Still amazed that a band with players of the calibre of Neil P and his brothers could have been down in the first place. Well done guys, Mike Fox Pennine Brass