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    Blackadder Goes Forth

    What was the band that played the theme song to the fourth Black Adder seres?Was it a millitary band,brass band,or marching band?Bonus credit to anyone who replies to this thread that was in that band.
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    What's your tuba of choice?

    Here's one for my brother bassists in the UK.What brand of horns do you use?Is Besson/Boosey & Hawkes the prominent tuba in a brass band? Those shure are good horns.I haven't seen any of the newer models,though.Do they still build them as stout as tanks or have they gone to thinner brass and...
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    Educate Me!

    Well, as I've said previously,I'm new to tMP and not too familiar with brass bands in general.My only knowledge has been gained from the tv.Are brass bands like marching bands without those pesky woodwinds?Do you only play marches?I pretty much understand the instrumentation but I'm not too sure...
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    Help, I'm lost!

    Hi, all.I'm a newbie and am trying to figure out ow this site works. Where do I find all the cool, conversational topics? I'm noticing that this is a predominantly Brittish site and I'd realy like to chat with other musicians, not to mention tuba (or is it bass?) players out there. So ,if any...
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    Hi everyone, I'm Tubafreak. I'm new to tMP so bear with me. I'm a tubist, but also play trombone and euphonium. Istarted on the trumpet but haven't played it in 23 years. I am married with four sons, one who is mentaly handicapped, and one who plays a wicked double bass and trombone. He is now...
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    Sold/Expired Looking to buy a tuba mouthpiece

    Hi, I'm looking for a mouthpiece to fit an older Besson BBb tuba with the small shank. I'm thinking of a Wick 1 or 2. I'd like used but new is ok if the price is right. The stores I've checked with have a several week wait on new Denis Wick mouthpieces. Drop me an email if you can help, or just...