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  1. ScaryFlugel

    Sold/Expired For sale: Uniform trousers and skirts

    We have a number of black dress trousers/skirts (originally from Handleys) and some grey walking out trousers/skirts. If you are interested let me know and I will count them and give an idea of sizes. It's a caseful, estimate around 20 pairs, maybe more. They are in good condition. Offers...
  2. ScaryFlugel

    Sold/Expired Open and Gala Concert tickets 4/5 Sep 2010

    I have tickets for the British Open at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, Saturday 4th September 2010, and the Gala Concert the next day (Dyke, Cory, Grimethorpe). Both excellent seats: Sat: right terrace, row B, face value £11.50 Sun: left terrace, row A, face value £14.50 If you can use...
  3. ScaryFlugel

    Sold/Expired Trombone/baritone music for sale (raising cash towards a World Challenge trip)

    I have the following trombone/baritone music for sale, as described below. -Rubank advanced method for trombone or baritone volume 2. BASS CLEF. Used, cover slightly faded but in good condition. -Kopprasch 60 studies for trombone vol 1. BASS CLEF - used but excellent condition. -"On wings...
  4. ScaryFlugel

    Sold/Expired Trombone/baritone music + study books for sale

    Rubank advanced method for trombone or baritone volume 2. BASS CLEF. Used, cover slightly faded but in good condition. Kopprasch 60 studies for trombone vol 1. BASS CLEF - used but excellent condition. "On wings of song" (Mendelssohn) for solo trom and piano - with bass and treble clef...
  5. ScaryFlugel

    Sold/Expired Arban Cornet Method for Sale

    I have a (slightly) used Arban Cornet Method for sale. The cover is a bit creased but as far as I can see, there are no markings within the book itself. I'm selling it for a friend who played years ago and has finally accepted his teenage sons are never going to learn brass. Offers please...
  6. ScaryFlugel

    Brass teacher - Northampton

    Just taken a call from an independent school near Northampton looking for a brass peri for half a day a week - theirs has moved out of the area. Brass is popular there and they have several learners now left somewhat in the lurch. Overstone Park School - Kettering/Wellingborough side of...
  7. ScaryFlugel

    March "Hearts of Oak"

    I've been asked to find out where I can get a set of the march "Hearts of Oak" from. Don't know anything else about it, but would be interested to know more, and if anyone knows where I can buy it from. Please PM me or respond to the thread if you have any idea! Thanks
  8. ScaryFlugel

    17th May 2008,Michael Green memorial concert, Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band

    BILTON SILVER (RUGBY) BAND presents a MEMORIAL CONCERT to celebrate and remember the life of a loyal and devoted Bandsman Michael Green (1943 – 2007) Saturday, 17th May 2008 at 7.30pm St. Mark’s Church, Bilton, Rugby ADMISSION IS FREE AND ALL ARE WELCOME Donations in lieu of...
  9. ScaryFlugel

    Brass player cartoons

    Helloooo I'm after a funny cartoon or image to show at the start of a seminar I have to do for a bunch of would-be teachers. Needs to be decent enough quality to project onto a screen, non sexist/racist etc and genuinely funny, even if you aren't a brass player. Oh, and free. Or very very...
  10. ScaryFlugel

    Sold/Expired WANTED: pedal timps

    We are looking at getting some pedal timps for the band. Does anyone have any they are looking to sell? PM me if you can help. Thanks.
  11. ScaryFlugel

    Bilton Silver Band at Rugby Theatre 17th Feb 2008

    SONGS from the silver screen can be enjoyed at a special concert in Rugby this Sunday. Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band will be performing 'That's Entertainment' at Rugby Theatre on Sunday 17 February 2008 from 7.30pm. The concert is the third that the band has performed at the Henry Street...
  12. ScaryFlugel

    Michael Green - Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band

    It is with much sadness that Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band announces the passing of long serving member and tenor horn player Michael Green. A stalwart of the band for some 52 years, many served as secretary, Michael was an active committee member until his death on 28th October 2007. Through good...
  13. ScaryFlugel

    Sold/Expired “Inspirational” tuba tutor wanted - Midlands

    I have been asked to look out for a “fun and inspirational” tuba teacher, or at least lower brass specialist. It’s for a 10 year old who has grade 5, but is taking a break from grades for a little while. He is after a teacher to maintain his interest by having fun whilst helping him improve...
  14. ScaryFlugel

    Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band & Scirocco Wind Ensemble, 28th Oct 2006, Benn Hall, Rugby

    Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band & Scirocco Wind Ensemble, 28th Oct 2006, 7.30pm "PASTIME WITH GOOD COMPANY" - music for an autumn evening VENUE: Benn Hall, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 2LN TICKETS: £6 (£5 concessions) available from 01608 663312, by PM to me, or on...
  15. ScaryFlugel

    Cornet/trumpet music ideas for a rusty player

    I need some ideas please. Our former rep player hasn’t played regularly for the last couple of years since going to Uni and she wants to try and get back into practice over the summer. She was of grade 7-8 standard but is now pretty rusty. We are looking for a couple of contrasting pieces, say...
  16. ScaryFlugel

    Last Call for Brass Fun Day 11th Feb 06!

    Bilton Silver Training Band and Senior Band are busy with last-minute preparations for their FUN DAY on Saturday 11th February, 2006. The band would like to extend an invitation to young brass players of Rugby and surrounding areas to hit some “High Notes” with them on the day - THERE ARE STILL...
  17. ScaryFlugel

    *BRASS FUN DAY* 11th Feb 06, Rugby, Warwickshire

    Bilton Silver Training Band invites young brass players of Rugby and surrounding areas to hit some “High Notes” with us at our FUN DAY on Saturday 11th February, 2006. Bilton's Training Band is taking steps to reach out into the community to increase awareness and to offer opportunities to...
  18. ScaryFlugel

    mouthpiece puller needed

    I can't believe it, but my mouthpiece is well and truly welded to my tuning shank. it went in as normal before my concert on friday, and at half time wouldn't budge. I let it cool down and still it wouldn't budge. Ice/hot water and WD40 later, it's definitely stuck. So does anyone have a...
  19. ScaryFlugel

    Desperately seeking flugel valve felts

    I have a Courtois flugel which desperately needs a new set of felts for the top of the valves (the outside, not the inside, although those are ropy too). The UK supplier is struggling to get me some. Can anyone help? Does anyone have a set they don’t need? Or can anyone make some? (Of...
  20. ScaryFlugel

    Euph player wanted - midlands

    Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band, Midlands Region, 1st Section, Euph wanted Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band are looking for another euph player. We are a sociable bunch with a busy engagements diary and well-attended rehearsals. see (sorry, some of the dates are a bit old)...