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    Gordon Langford "Endearing young charms" euph solo.

    Does anyone know if there's a piano reduction for the above? I'd like to do it for a slow melody competition. If there isn't one, does anyone know if /how I could get one done?i have access to the band parts, but not the necessary musical skill or knowledge. Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Yamaha Neo Euph for sale

    I am retiring from regular banding and selling my Yamaha Neo euphonium. I'll be going to Stevenage on Sunday 18th and be happy to bring the euph for inspection. Otherwise, happy to sort it by email. I'm looking for £2500. for a quick sale.
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    Uncomestaed euph. with trigger?

    I'm shortly going to sell my Neo euph as I'm giving up "serious" banding (and I want to buy a motorbike while I can still get on it without falling off the other side). But I don't want to be without a euph completely. What do you folk think about a non-compensated instrument with an...
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    Glynn Parry Hammonds Sauce Works Band

    Hi all, Haven't posted before, so apologies if this is in the wrong place or otherwise out of order. I'm copying some of my old vinyl LPs onto CD and came across a record of Hammonds Sauce Works Band with a version of Carnival of Venice ( the Rimmington variations, not Arban) played on euph...