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  1. David Evans

    Guess Who

    Sunday 8th April 18. 22:30 Just returned from a concert north of here featuring Tudor dancing tunes for Concertina and brass band, it featured a chap playing concertina -invented by Charles Wheatstone of Wheatstone bridge fame, and was beautifully arranged by a chap from TMP who shares the same...
  2. David Evans

    Don't be fooled

    A few nights ago it was really cold here, not a night for sleeping rough. Anyway there was a man just sat by the road literally freezing to death. I felt rather sorry for him, trembling with cold and so took him into my home out of pity, What else could I do, he might have been a brass bander...
  3. David Evans

    Karl Laye

    Karl Laye died suddenly on 9th November having suffered with Lymphoma for three years. Karl was a farmer, an engineer, a mechanic, a choirmaster, a chef and a publican and best of all a super Bb Bass player, most recently with Oxford Cherwell Brass under Terry Brotherhood. He was a lovely man...
  4. David Evans

    Stresses and Strains

    Several years ago a survey of 55 Orchestras with 1600 replies reported that the top ten stresses were: 1 Conductors who sap your confidence 2 Incompetent conductors 3 Problems with the instrument 4 Playing an orchestral solo 5 Illegible music, photocopied multiple times, missing ledger...
  5. David Evans

    Carriage included

    Yes, I realise that most of you are big burly brassbandspeople able to carry all the band's instruments on one arm with the other tied behind your back, the timps on your head and probably able to brush the floor as well BUT, for those less able, Asda sell a nice little black metal fold-flat...
  6. David Evans

    God moves in mysterious ways...

    My polling station in Oxford
  7. David Evans

    Arban Speed Trial

    Exercise 46, page 20, Arban. Only around 400 crotchets. You can play at any speed you like BUT any splits or wrong notes at all send you right back to the beginning. What is the fastest time that you can complete it absolutely accurately?, eg 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes? or less...
  8. David Evans

    Long List

    A friend sent me this list of Euphemisms, It may be of interest and indeed help to our esteemed American colleagues on what Brits say and what they actually mean. A lot of us actually use many of these much of the time so it's no wonder that misunderstandings occur. But there we are, Peace on...
  9. David Evans

    An Eb for £3

    Some of you may remember Gamages, a huge department store in London. Their music department were offering these in the Christmas of 1913.
  10. David Evans

    Brexit Goodies

    Whilst I truly appreciate the result to leave and I am happy to ignore the pound reaching its lowest ever level and to be now less than a euro in exchange. I can also ignore the increased cost of foreign holidays, the likely introduction of EU visas, the probable end of North East car...
  11. David Evans

    Help/Advice please!

    Old Bari/Euph player unable to practice properly for a few months and now I find I have lost my high register. Are there any techniques or studies you would recommend to help retrieve it as soon as possible? Any advice really gratefully received and thanks. David
  12. David Evans


    This is loosely based on the card game. The idea being that one post follows another but there should be some sort of connection. However any post can be challenged for accuracy, connection etc etc. Whoever is correct gets to restart with their choice of word(s). The vanquished slinks off...
  13. David Evans

    City of Oxford Silver Band require Training band MD

    Our band has its own modern bandhall and instruments with an extensive library built up over the past 125 years. The training band meet for two hours every Monday at 6pm and regularly have at least twenty players. Our present MD is off to shoot in Guernsey in a few weeks and we would like to...