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    Band secretaries - what tools/programs do you use?

    Hi I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this in, but not sure where else to put it. I'm band secretary at my band, and find it can be a very demanding job at times - maybe it's just at my band, or maybe I'm a control freak and want to make sure that things get done on time, but...
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    How to attract kids to brass bands? Particularly girls?

    Hi We're trying to build up our learner/development band again after it fell away to nothing. We've got a few kids coming along regularly, but we really need a plan in place to grow it a lot more. We're also about to apply for a funding grant and need to come up with an implementation plan...
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    Hi from Qld

    Hi Cornet player from Nth Qld here, and I've also taken on the (sometimes overwhelming) job of band secretary. Keen to see how other bands are doing things and have a look around. Jen