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  1. T-Horn

    Horn Player looking for a band in wales

    Hi guy's, I've just returned from the RNCM and i'm staying at home this year so i'm looking for a band in south wales at the mo. I live in the swansea valley but could possibly travel. if you need a player just for the areas you can contact me. I've played with BTM, Haydock and depped for...
  2. T-Horn

    Bands in south Wales with christmas concerts

    Hi all, I'll be going home to south wales around the 20th of december and I was wondering if any bands had any christmas concerts on, or have you all finished by then? I've looked on a few bands web sites and they all seem to finish around the 18th. So any concerts between Swansea...
  3. T-Horn

    Early Risers

    A question popped up in band the other day and I thought I would share it with you all. How can adjudicators compare a band that plays at nine oclock in the morning to a band that plays later on that afternoon. It must be extremly difficult. Do they take into account the time? do they think...
  4. T-Horn

    North West Banding Sec - Contact Details

    Has anyone got a contact number for the North West banding secatary. I've tried the number on 4barsrest but nothing. Any help would be greatfully recieved!
  5. T-Horn

    Tenor horn, manchester,champ

    Intrument: Tenor Horn Conductor/Compere: Location/Region: Manchester Grade: Champ Name: Lyndon Harris Contact Details: E-mail me then i'll give the rest. Instrument(s) played: tenor horn Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: horns...
  6. T-Horn

    [b]Tenor horn player looking for a band in north west areea.

    I study at the royal northern college of music and am looking for a band in the north west. anyone know any vacancies going. 1st or championship section preferd. :)