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  1. T-Horn

    Horn Player looking for a band in wales

    Hi guy's, I've just returned from the RNCM and i'm staying at home this year so i'm looking for a band in south wales at the mo. I live in the swansea valley but could possibly travel. if you need a player just for the areas you can contact me. I've played with BTM, Haydock and depped for...
  2. T-Horn

    Principal Cornet NW area

    would be nice to at least know the name of the band!!
  3. T-Horn


    sorry Guys, I'm at home now so never sure when i can get the net!!!!! I'll nominate sevenhelz to take my place. ( you played well when you came down to haydock the other day! well done!! :-) )
  4. T-Horn

    Bands nearest my University

    Your always welcome to come down to the haydock band in St Helens. We're in the championship section so it'll be a step up for you. Always good to have a challenge!! Theres always someone going from manchester so they should be able to pick you up en rounte if you study at salford. If you...
  5. T-Horn

    Saddams Pants

    Have to agree wth Sandman on this one. Not at all interested
  6. T-Horn

    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : August 2005

    Could I nominate A composer in the north of England and currently studying at the RNCM. Anyone want to second it? :-)
  7. T-Horn


    Can I spoil it again??? The Vicar Of Dibley
  8. T-Horn


    Can I have an O Please?
  9. T-Horn


    I think i'll let craig have that one!! :-) He's dying for another go!! ;-) Wow thats my 1st game of hangman completed!!!
  10. T-Horn


    According to rules of hangman you have to complete the phrase as it's planned out. so in this case no ;-) Sorry Craig :-)
  11. T-Horn

    Fancy a trip to Germany?

    It's all fine here. Just graduated so i actually have to do some work now!! I know a few tombone players up here, will mention it to them. Hope alls well!!
  12. T-Horn

    ....the euph...what?!

    sorry it's a really old thread!! I either don't bother or i just say that i play trumpet. I can't be bothered explaining what a tenor horn is cos after you've finished they still look at you stupid!!
  13. T-Horn

    For Music Students ... Past, Present & Future!

    I was considering doing biology at university. I've really enjoyed my time studying at the RNCM and now i've graduated I'm going to complete a biology degree via the open university. I hope it's going to be as much fun as music was!!!!
  14. T-Horn

    Rothwell Temperance Band - Players Needed

    number one I wasn't waiting for an advert and if you want a dig at me then we can do it online and i'll give you a bigger shovel. You're obviously small minded enough. Not my fault I gave up on your website months ago, it was yours for not keeping it updated. I wasn't prepared to look on...
  15. T-Horn

    Alternative song lyrics

    I now regret replying to this thread :-) I have often walked down tis street before but...
  16. T-Horn

    Movie Association Thread

    King Aurthur
  17. T-Horn

    word association

  18. T-Horn

    Tune Association Thread 3

    Lady in red
  19. T-Horn

    Fancy a trip to Germany?

    Hi Alex, Long time no see. Hope the tour goes well this year. Have always wanted to go but it's always at the wrong time of year!!! See you soon hopefully Lyndon
  20. T-Horn

    Rothwell Temperance Band - Players Needed

    I gave up looking the website months ago, must have had a slack period. no need to worry about it, all bands go through it. nothing to be ashamed of! As for the last remark, I don't think I will