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  1. Dave Thornton

    Contest nerves

    Do I Andy? Interesting.
  2. Dave Thornton

    Are Brighouse still coming to Dunfermline this weekend

    I think we were originally supposed to be up there on Sat 18th Feb but the date got pulled from the band job list. Don't know why. Anyway, in short, no, Brighouse aren't in Dunfermline during February. Shame, haven't been north of the border for a while now.....
  3. Dave Thornton

    Guest Soloist

    Lots and lots of practice........
  4. Dave Thornton

    Black Dyke Band - Low Brass Spotlight 2010

    Dear all, As part of the Black Dyke Brass Symposium 2010, once again we are running a Euphonium, Baritone and Tuba Spotlight Event. The event is on Saturday 12th June from 11.30am until 4pm, and held at Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingly Campus (LS6 3QS), James Graham Building, Ghandi...
  5. Dave Thornton

    Black Dyke in Belfast - 25 October

    Apparently there are tickets left at Belfast Tourism Office (02890 971197).......
  6. Dave Thornton

    Black Dyke in Belfast - 25 October

    I think it's at Ulster Hall........
  7. Dave Thornton

    David Thornton joins Dunfermline Town

    Looking forward to this concert - the programme will include three classics of the euphonium repertoire - Endearing Young Charms (Boddington), Macushla (MacMorrough) and Grandfather's Clock (Doughty), as well as a piece for euphonium and electronic accompaniment called 'Rock' by Philip Wilby...
  8. Dave Thornton

    Black Dyke Tuba/Euphonium/Baritone Festival Event

    Hi everyone, Further to the post below about the Black Dyke Heritage Festival, I'd like to tell everyone a few more details about the Tuba/Euphonium/Baritone Day on Saturday 30th May. Its starts at 11.30am (for registration) and will be done at 4.30pm - though people are obviously welcome...
  9. Dave Thornton

    who has been the youngest area adjudicator???

    Woah!.........Steady there.........I'm only just 30 thank you!
  10. Dave Thornton

    RNCM Festival of Brass 2008

    My, my......... Andy Scott on tMP - careful Andy - you'll be playing euphonium next... Congrats on the piece - although I missed Foden's performance - I've heard nothing but superlatives - and that's pretty special from banders - they're a tough audience!!!!
  11. Dave Thornton

    International Euphonium Player Of The Year

    Couldn't agree more - a very genuine servant to bands and the euphonium - and happens to make my job a lot easier too!!!!
  12. Dave Thornton

    Euph4ria Tuba Quartet

    This is a fantastic group - definately worth a trip to see and hear. Unfortunately I can't be there - but I'd definately recommend it to anyone.
  13. Dave Thornton

    Plumbers in Manchester?

    Hulme - have you any recommendations?
  14. Dave Thornton

    Plumbers in Manchester?

    Can anyone recommend a good quality and reliable plumber in the Manchester area? I need a new shower fitting and don't want to be ripped off!!!!
  15. Dave Thornton

    RNCM Low Brass Day

    Dear friends Here is the timetable of events for the exciting Low Brass Day at the RNCM which is coming soon , on Friday 21st Jan. It is the perfect curtain raiser to the RNCM Festival of Brass which begins with a concert from Grimethorpe on the Friday evening. This afternoon of music making...
  16. Dave Thornton

    Band Musicianship

    Chet's don't discourage their students from applying to Salford or anywhere else - though there is a clear link between teaching staff from the RNCM and chet's, so I guess it's inevitable that the RNCM path is taken the majority of the time. 99% of chet's students are orchestral brass anyway...
  17. Dave Thornton

    RNCM Festival in Janury - well worth a visit?

    Not sure, I'll find out......
  18. Dave Thornton

    RNCM Festival in Janury - well worth a visit?

    The Howarth Euph concerto was written for Bob Childs and premiered with the NYBB a few years back - so it's had a few performances now - Mike Dodd with Grimey (as previously mentioned), Steve Miles with RNCM band, and I'm sure a few more. Dyke's programme will also include a new work by our...
  19. Dave Thornton

    In The Red - Musical

    In The Red was written by Michael Brand (son of Geoffrey) - I guess around 1998-1999. Fairey's were engaged to record the music, with the idea that this would lead to a production of the show at some stage. We did one performance of only excerpts from the show - in a theatre in London (can't...
  20. Dave Thornton

    A2 Music Recital - help please!

    Hi Aimee, Why don't you have a look at Anthony Roper's Sonata for Euphonium and piano (published by Studio Music). The music sounds heavily influenced by Vaughan-Williams, I guess you could make a tenuous link to folk music style in that way - but most importantly, I think for assessed...