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  1. marksmith

    midlands Area Contest.

    I see that the central area draws least interest on 4br, again! No runners or predictions yet, last to be listed-as usual. A busy weekend, I know, but it takes place tomorrow. Come on band world, we have the same hopes and ambitions as 'oop Noorth'. Show an interest!
  2. marksmith

    Duty of care.

    I was wondering if all bands are trying their hardest to fulfil their duty of care responsibilities for members? The most obvious is the requirement to obtain a Disclosure certificate (old CRB) for those taking charge of minors, in their capacities as responsible adults. Most will have covered...
  3. marksmith

    I am a ...........?

    Not a rude thread, just an observation on an increasing trend. I have noticed a recent increase in the number of players moving around the stands and announcing themselves a "cornet/sop/euph/bari/trom/bass.." etc, player. Obviously, they are entitled to do so but are they correct? Surely, these...
  4. marksmith

    Euph/Bari player available.

    Capable but rusty euph/bari player available in Walsall/Birmingham area. Played at all levels over the past 40 years. Will travel sensible distance. PM me, please.
  5. marksmith

    Merry Christmas!

    I have been out of playing for over a year now, I presume that my lip is knackered and my technique shot . Thank goodness for the social media sites that keep us 'retired' players in touch with our hobby. With that in mind, I would like to wish other 'mouthpiece' followers a Merry Christmas and...
  6. marksmith

    'Black Dog' exposed.

    A rather delicate subject; often feared, too often misunderstood and sends 'friends' and colleagues, running for a place to hide when it indirectly affects them. I am talking about depression (Churchill's 'Black Dog'). As society becomes more pressured and aware of itself, we would expect the...
  7. marksmith

    Euphonium/Baritone player available. West Midlands.

    I am an experienced player, looking for a place in a local band. I have retired from playing but as always happens in our hobby, am now missing playing. Euph seat preferred but will also consider Baritone. If you are seeking a horn player, I may also be able to persuade my patient and...
  8. marksmith

    Amington Band player vacancies.

    We are looking for a Principal Baritone player, and Repiano/Solo Cornet players. Amington Band is based in it's own bandroom, near to Tamworth, Staffs. We are a friendly, ambitious, second section band, eager to welcome like-minded individuals into our fold. We are easily accessed from...
  9. marksmith

    Players forum?

    Remembering back to the distant past, we had a group called The British Brass Band Club (or something similar). Though in itself not a political forum, it enabled individuals to register an individual interest in our hobby and share a common thread. Presently, we are witnessing the most...
  10. marksmith

    West Midlands (county) contests.

    In recent years, we have witnessed a decline in the number of contests available to enter, in the wider Birmingham area. Gone are the; West Midlands Police entertainment contest, the Dudley Zoo entertainment contest, WMBBA entertainment contest, WMBBA open contest, WMBBA solo/quartet contest...
  11. marksmith

    Banding Veterans.

    I applaud the brilliant opportunities being offered to our younger, aspiring players (a real credit to the bands concerned). My question is: Is there a place for players of a certain age/ experience, beyond being relegated down the ranks? Would an organisation such as the National Lottery...
  12. marksmith

    Euphonium seat required, West Midlands.

    Experienced Euphonium player, (40 years!!!!) Snow on roof but still a raging fire burns within. No instrument, so a little rusty, playing principal Euph in top section bands until 2011. I am looking for a seat in the Midlands Area, prefer within 30/40 miles of Walsall North. No more offers of...
  13. marksmith

    Innovations in Banding.

    What, in your opinion, has been the greatest innovation in Banding, during your involvement? The introduction of the larger bore Sovereign instruments in the mid-seventies, is certainly amongst my own suggestions. As a Euphonium player, the difference in depth of tone, ease of note production...
  14. marksmith

    Sold/Expired Euphonium required

    Now enjoying the benefits of semi-retirement from work, I am looking for an instrument to re-discover my lip and playing! To buy/hire/borrow? I would like something not too expensive, good playing order, with a recognised pedigree. Please PM me with any suggestions/offers. Much appreciated.:tup
  15. marksmith

    Playing position required. (West Mids area).

    Looking for a band in the West Midlands area. Experienced Euph/Bari player. Section not important. Slightly rusty but easily polished!
  16. marksmith

    WMBBA contest cancelled.

    After seeing the announcement on 4barsrest, that this year's contest has been cancelled, I was wondering how individuals feel about this? The decision to take the contest to Pershore was debated last year, and the post-contest 'opinion' (according to the Association press release) , was that it...
  17. marksmith

    Slow Melodies

    What constitutes a 'Slow Melody' at a solo contest? After recently adjudicating at a Midland solo contest, I felt frustrated at what some players now consider to be a 'Slow Melody'. Surely the title suggests a steady tempo, with a melodic foundation? I sat through 30+ performances, with some...
  18. marksmith

    Outside of banding.

    Most posters on tMP have familiarised themselves with other 'regulars' and their banding interests. I thought a thread on other interests, outside of banding, might be fun. I am something of a telly addict, being a child of the 50s, I have watched TV develop and grow in influence on our lives...
  19. marksmith

    Get a life!

    A simple question: If you play in a brass band, is it possible to have a life outside of it? You may think this a pointless enquiry, with an obvious 'yes, of course' response. However; there does seem a determination within some banding circles, that the band comes before all else - and God help...
  20. marksmith

    Spells and Curses.

    I just cannot find a band, despite looking for nearly 2 years! It is as though someone has cast a spell or curse on me.:confused: Have you ever felt as though your destiny is out of your hands, for totally unexplainable reasons? Is there a seeming spell or curse that you would like lifted from...