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  1. back_row_babe

    Battle of the Bands 2010 Chesterfield

    Well done to all who played at the contest yesterday :) Lets hope more people enter next year... At least we wont have the football to interfere next time ;)
  2. back_row_babe

    Naming Compositions

    Has it got a particular audience?
  3. back_row_babe

    It's not a trumpet!!!!

    However, I do play trumpet in the Notts Re TA Band... So it does half fit :)
  4. back_row_babe

    It's not a trumpet!!!!

    "Its not a trumpet its a ****** euphonium" Brassed Off says it all... :)
  5. back_row_babe

    Greetings from Long Eaton

    Haha :) Well I'm flattered I have been found on this post 3 years after posting it :P I've now joined the Nottinghamshire RE TA Band, under Simon Kerwin... and promotiion to Flugel at Long Eaton :) I'm now also conductiing the training band, and doing A levels rather than GCSES :) And I've had...
  6. Band Uniform

    Band Uniform

  7. The Front Row Section
Shirland Band
Whit Fridays 2007

    The Front Row Section Shirland Band Whit Fridays 2007

  8. Me and Jacob
Whit Fridays 2006

    Me and Jacob Whit Fridays 2006

  9. Me and Jess 
Red Nose Day 2009

    Me and Jess Red Nose Day 2009

  10. An attempt at a picture before venturing into Jak's at Butlins

    An attempt at a picture before venturing into Jak's at Butlins

  11. Another of me :)

    Another of me :)

  12. Finals Winners 2006

    Finals Winners 2006

  13. Autumn Leaves August 2008

    Autumn Leaves August 2008

  14. Me :)

    Me :)

  15. back_row_babe

    Best insults to players from conductors

    you sounded like a brass harp horn section... I had 52 entries and theres only 5 of you!
  16. back_row_babe

    Remembrance Day - when do you play?

    Our Parade Set Off At Half Ten.. Playing And Marching To The Senitaff... Much Fun This Year, The Police Didnt Turn Up Till About 11... Our Trombone And Bass Section Guided Traffic Aswell As Play, And Nearly Get Run Over By A Bus! Ceremony Starts At Quarter To Eleven, Last Post, Reveille And...
  17. back_row_babe

    I'm a newbie...

    hey :) with banding, go with what you enjoy :) go with the instincts and play to your abilities i guess and posting, ummm, i dont do much of that, so im no use there hehe!! xx
  18. back_row_babe

    What else is in your instrument case?

    one cornet 2 mouthpieces, one being pink =] 3 mutes dicky bow tie duster cleaning gloves things 6 pencils notepad music to practise valve oil/slide grease tinsel =s hymn book christmas cards (i should really clean my case out, not to mention my cornet) tissues hair bands and grips (rule number...
  19. back_row_babe

    4 year olds Halloween Party

    split them into 2 teams, give each team a bag of cheap loo roll, pick a member of each team and they have to make the best mummy... apple bobbing, musical statues, but they have to make a scary statue... put them in the dark, give them things to hold and tell them theyre something else, like...
  20. back_row_babe

    Pontins 2007 Test Pieces

    the 4th section piece is the nationals piece for the 4th section in 2002.. my first ever contest hehe!! had a broken leg that weekend, ah the memories :P