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    I also reverted from 3 to 2 on my main computer. The mute and mixer function f11? on Musescore 3 is very clumsy compared to Musescore 2. Trouble is Musescore 2 can't play music created on Musescore 3 so I have to have Musescore 3 on an old computer.
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    What's your wettest ever band job?

    Withington (Glos) Fete circa 2005. The rain was torrential. We kept playing to keep the event alive. The Band had a gazebo or some such but no room inside for the conductor (Me) who stood outside and despite a overcoat I was soaked to the skin. Luckily I didn't have a uniform jacket on but I...
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    Autumn Dreams for Tuba & Piano

    Beautiful Tuba playing. The Piano sounds very harsh, maybe its my computer. One to practice during the lock down.
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    Coronavirus, what might it mean to Banding

    Now we are in "Lock Down" in the UK confined to our homes except for "Essential Work" scavenging for food, one period of exercise per day etc Its going to be difficult for some players especially in non contesting bands to keep motivated and keep their "lips in" I saw Cory on TV but was...
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    Coronavirus, what might it mean to Banding

    The important thing surely is to keep the Band in existence. In many cases the virus will save contesting bands money but cost non contesting bands reliant on concert income a considerable chunk of their annual income. We didn't practice this evening, none of the members wanted to come...
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    Euphonium Stolen from Cheltenham Salvation Army

    Our friends at Cheltenham Salvation army had their bandroom broken into and an essentially brand new Euphonium stolen The Euphonium is a JP Sterling 374s Bb in silver plate with a soft carrying case. serial number 37410567. Obviously the band would like it back. If you are offered it or...
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    Chords and their voicing

    Interesting stuff. 2nd Cornet playing is trombone like as you juggle triggers to try and get those low multi valve notes in tune. Even a straight E needs trigger on most professional cornets, though the old "Regent" and the like were pretty good for an E on 3rd valve. Basses doubled is a...
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    Is anyone else using Musescore? Its a freeware with paid upgrade option which does much the same as Sibelius. I have used it for 5 years or so. The Brass Band tempate was included in version 1, dropped for 2 and 3 but still functions, (You can clone it from my postings at present, I have...
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    Chedworth Silver Band Gloucestershire Cornet Players

    Chedworth Silver Band is desperate for more Cornet players, We have more or less a full band but have to constantly borrow Cornet players to survive. Non Contesting Band based in Cotswold Village 10 miles East of Cheltenham, we need front row and back row Cornets, Urgently email...
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    Democrats to flee the country?

    I really upset a couple of Yanks on a band job around the time of the Frump/ Trump battle for the presidency by saying how on earth could a nation of 250 Million people come up with those two to choose between. The Yanks were really hurt. No sense of humour. Mind you with 70 million Brits...
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    The Zen of Playing Silence

    Music is a science but music notation is shorthand or text speak. Notes have no defined length, only the beats have defined separation from each other. Even crochet notes in 4/4 start before the beat and end even further before the next beat to allow you to start playing the next note which...
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    Help with the baritone horn

    I would always recommend a Besson Baritone as spare parts are readily available on the internet whereas other makers spares can be challenging to find. A good 3 valve Baritone should be around 60% of the weight of a 4 valve euphonium, but the sound is thinner and a lot less powerful especially...
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    Temperamental by Fendall Hill

    Way beyond my lot. I would have a revolt if I put that up. It doesn't have that "thing" which I find runs through popular classical music which is predictability, you can usually guess where good music goes next even if its the first time you have heard it. Its one hell f a test for BBb bass...
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    Earplugs and playing

    I am always doing that exact thing, telling folk they are playing too quiet in Piano passages and too loud at MF. I think its because old music tended to go PP P MF F FF with MF the mid point and more modern stuff goes PP P MP MF F FF with the mid point between MP and MF. Thus on older...
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    Earplugs and playing

    Many of our players use hearing aids so I just can't get my head around this thread. Sop player will hopefully sit slightly outboard of the Principal and swing the bell towards the audience and avoid terminal earache for the front row. Tiering the seats so the back row and troms are higher than...
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    Tuning the top space E

    I had tuning issues with the top space E on the Cornet section recently. We played "Born Free" and some of the high chords were absolutely horrible, C,E,A with the sop on top with his G = solo cornet top C. Culprit seems to be the E in the top space which is flat on open valves. How do other...
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    Valve Alignment at Home

    You only take metal off if thinning the felt, or removing it completely, makes the instrument play better but the clattering drives you or the MD or other players less than thrilled. Incidentally I once saw a very famous Euph player standing in front of a band which was playing the...
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    Valve Alignment at Home

    It makes no difference whether top or bottom sprung the top cap still holds the valve down
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    Valve Alignment at Home

    I I put a post on here entitled Cornet valve port alignment woes quality control detailing my battles with B/H instruments of both 1980 and 1990s build. In several cases it required metal to be taken off the valve stems so the valves can uncover the ports correctly and still have top felts...
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    New cornet or restoration. Your opinions wanted.

    The remember reading an on line article about B/H cornets that the Besson International, the one with first and third triggers was regarded as one of the best instruments of its day and superior to the 927 Sovereigns and the like which are still available today. If it plays well I would leave it...