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    Luis Suarez Charity Concert

    Chew are the Sunshine of my life Eyeteeth don't get around much anymore Not forgetting the popular Christmas favourites.... All I Want for Christmas is my two front teeth Silent Bite O Holy Bite!
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    2013 Area Test pieces rumours.

    Gutted. All dressed up in my banding gear to find that there is nothing on the website! Oh well, I'll have to watch the Shopping Channel instead!
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    You've got a job - think yourself lucky?

    I've read this thread with some interest. Certainly one of the most lively I've seen on tMP in recent times. All I'm going to offer is this: In fairness to teachers and lecturers that they are much maligned. I whole-heartedly accept that there are educators who are in the profession...
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    I'll be popping up to Easingwold on Saturday, so if anyone needs a bass player, drop me a line.
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    National Finals 2011 - test piece rumours

    Or band members being required to make the noises themselves.
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    Paddy’s BIG news

    I salute you sir!
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    April Fool

    I've come to expect an April Fool's trick from my 10 year old, but I still applaud the effort. It's nice to see 4BR not take themselves so seriously, and add a bit of humour to the world.
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    April Fool

    Einfach klasse!
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    Brass vibe?

    Just for the record, I use AVG on my laptop at home, and get a warning message whenever I open up tMP. I've never received an email from Brassvibe asking me to sign up (although I have). I think it's a little wide of the mark to be linking tMP and Brassvibe. Equally, opening tMP at work...
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    Liverpool Football Club

    Nothing wrong with recycling, it keeps the planet green. Personally, nothing is going to top Lee Clark's t-shirt. Even Tevez hasn't done that.
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    Liverpool Football Club

    It's actually just over the border in Trafford.
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    Liverpool Football Club

    ROFL - not sure which is better. A Liverpool thread being hijacked by United, or the same worn out statements from Citeh fans which never cease to make me smile. Ah, it's brightened my day. (Back to work whistling "My Old Man said....")
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    Paddy's English Nationals - 2011

    I suspect it might be Desford who aren't there as they have a job booked in their diary for that date.
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    Variations on Barnacle Bill the Sailor (Steven Frank)

    Followed by the Fantasy for Euphonium and Brass Band on the theme "Lady in Red" (no, not the Chris DeBurgh version) and the ever-popular "Mother will pay the rent".
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    Variations on Barnacle Bill the Sailor (Steven Frank)

    Ah, so it's not just me.