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    Website Attack

    another good open source CMS is e107 ( Its constantly updated by the developers against security flaws an has a good and helpful community. They all have their weaknesses unfortunately :( good luck with it
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    One Trick Pony MDs

    But there is many a true word spoken in jest ;)
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    Finale Printmusic

    i'll send you my template alex :)
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    That 'wow' moment

    I dont know about hooked, but the best performance I have ever heard as an audience member was Fairy's winning the open on Masquerade, conducted by Major Parks. A truly stunning performance that had everything. They Raised the bar that day :)
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    2013 Area Test pieces rumours.

    you called :) for what its worth, if anyone want the result order to be close to if not identical to the ranking order then surely its time for us all to give up. There does seem (my perception) a desire in some quarters for the above. God forbid a band lower down in the rankings that...
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    Area Appeals

    At the end of the contest, the bands placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (in the league not the contest) would play again to secure promotion, while 3 bands making up the bottom 4(in the league) would play again to see who escapes religation, assuming the bottom one gets relegated and the top one gets...
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    Related Composers...

    JS Bach - Bruno Moretti
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    Choosing a contest

    Hi Alex I put other......... To help with the bands continued development, and also to support the organisations who put on contests. If we didn't go then the contests would simply die out.
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    Whit Friday Results 2012

    Maybe you should look at the medieval people skills of your MD...................!! Kids being made cry because the were trying their best...............!! amazing
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    Academic Festival Overture

    The publishers (powers that be) usually do put a new (artistic) timp part into the old arrangements these days, and make a few artistically tasteful adjustments to the scoring dont they.......? To make the original arrangement better............. or to require bands to part with another 90 odd...
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    Dynamics Creep

    if most players drove cars like they read dynamic markings then insurance policies would go through the room and there would be way more speeding tickets :)
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    One for Composers/conductors

    I'd love it. but it would make the results even more subjective tho...! I have for a long time been an advocate of loosing the metronome marks, especially for contests, as (my own observations here) it does tend to turn into a "who can hit the tempos best" competition. We might even get...
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    180 bpm

    or invest in some simple sound editing software which will change the tempo of the music to whatever you want it to be without changing the pitch :) there are some freeware titles that do this too ;)
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    Get a Load of Shilkloper!

    Excellent :-) ps does anyone know of a youtube clip where string players can actually swing...........?? :D
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    Bass Trombone Solos

    :D :clap: :cool: