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    Christmas Music

    Whilst I like Frosty the Snowman and it's a very good Xmas Bass Trom solo, does anybody know of any others ? It's getting boring playing the same thing year after year after year ! I'd like to try something new ! Rich
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    Tonsils !

    I've just been booked in to have my tonsils out on Sept 1st ! I've been told to have 2 weeks off work so as to avoid infection (shame !) and also to lay of blowing the trombone for a few weeks. I'm over 30 and have heard it can be a nasty operation for adults Has anybody on the forum...
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    Bass Bone Choices???

    I currently play on a Yamaha 613g which I love to bits. Big sound and nice large bell. Even better is that I bought it in Canada at a much reduced price compared to the UK. I have previously played Bach (50-3B0) which I quite liked and the Holton TR181 (hated it and couldn't wait to get rid)...
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    Cornet Player required for USA/Canada Tour

    URGENTLY REQUIRED Back Row Cornet player required for summer tour to USA & Canada. 1st - 15th August Preferably championship or 1st section. Must be aged 18+ Cost is £430 If you are interested then please either mail or call Frank Wolff on 01865 326271
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    Top Ten . . . worst pieces for band!

    A particular favourite amongst YABBers :- The Elvira Madigan Theme !! Arggghhhhhhhh !!!!!!! Every tour without failure ! Why Why Why Why Why ???
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    Trombone Trios

    Thanks I cannot view or play from my work PC so will logon as soon as I get home shortly and take a look/listen. regards Rich
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    Trombone Trios

    Thanks for the replies so far. I've just been informed that there's a new trombone trio arrangement of It's Not Unusual (a la Tom Jones style) by Phil Lawrence (complete with instructions for the Solo Horn player to throw knickers at the soloists ! Are you ready for this Helen ? better take...
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    Trombone Trios

    Rach, You've only done it for 2 weekend trips - maybe you wont be so enthusiastic after playing it everyday for a full 2 week tour also ! Dont get me wrong - it's a great arrangement however having done it on the same tour 2 years ago then we really need something different. Rich
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    Trombone Trios

    Three of us on this forum will once again be the Trombone section on YABBs summer trip to USA & Canada in August. 1st - Neil Samuel 2nd -Tim Morgan Bass - me Can anybody out there recommend any decent new trombone trios as we've done the majority of the popular ones to death now...
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    Bb Bass Player needed for USA/Canada trip

    YABB have been let down by a Bb Bass Player for their forthcoming USA & Canada trip from August 1st - August 15th. Cost is £430 Are you interested. Please mail me at cheers Richard
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    YABB USA & Canada trip.

    Looking for a top quality championship standard Repiano Cornet Player between the ages of 18-35. Anybody interested ? Mail me at 1 - 15th August. £430 cheers Richard
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    East Anglia Contest

    Congratulations to all at Stansted Silver for sweeping the board at the East Anglia contests in Norwich last weekend. 1st Prizes for Best Hymn, Best Test Piece (Triumphant Rhapsody), Best Solo Euphonium (well done Rob) and Best Aggregate score. That's a 100% record for this newly formed...
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    Young Ambassadors Brass Band of Great Britain

    Phil - We have the services of Mr Drury yet again for the summer trip to USA/Canada. Good in 2 ways :- 1:- Damn fine player 2:- Great replacement for Frank when the arrangements become too difficult for him to conduct. Maybe it's about time we dropped the 'Young' bit from the title...
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    Young Ambassadors Brass Band of Great Britain

    We have front and back row cornet spaces at present ! Our reason for requesting Championship standard players is due to the fact that we have very little rehearsal time. We meet as a band for the first time at the airport and that's the 1st time you get to see what music we are playing...
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    Bass Trombone Solo??

    I'm not aware of Moondance having been done as a solo with Brass Band. I know, and play it, as a Big Band solo. The original was written for the Paul Cacia Big Band (West Coast USA) and recorded by Russ Yoon on their CD entitled A Portrait in Time. The CD is out of publication now however...