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    Appeal for Supporting tMP and voluntary contributions to the running costs

    Hi all, For some reason this thread seems to be very prone to attack from spammers. At the moment we're not sure why this is, so to prevent further spam posts here I've temporarily locked the thread. If you want to discuss any of the options to help support tMP, then please contact John, or any...
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    Practice valves

    Hmm I can see why you've posted here, a few quick google searches has come up with nothing. I did see something similar on First Brass' trade stand at the Leicester contest late last year. They were different - moulded plastic with a moulded in plastic leaf spring rather than a traditional valve...
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    NW Area Disqualification!!

    Ian, please stop messing with other people's quotes. It's not big or particularly clever and I've noticed you are doing it more and more recently. I will ask once nicely. Stop it now. Don't push your luck on this, if you do it again, you may find you can't post at all.
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    NW Area Disqualification!!

    C'mon folks, lets keep to the topic....
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    Starting Conducting.

    There seems little point continuing with this thread as it is clearly a wind-up. Hobgoblin: take this as a warning.
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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2013

    Isn't it amazing how fictional friends can confirm preconceived ideas?
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    Paddy's Midlands Area - 2013

    This has nothing to do with the Midlands Area contest. Sonorous isn't even from the midlands! So if you feel the need to discuss the demise of sonorous then feel free to start a separate thread, but any more off-topic posts on the subject here will be removed. So, then, midlands area.....
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    Display posts in reverse order? (Latest first)

    Sorry for the (much) delayed response, Mike - I've been more than a bit busy of late. We've been asked this before and the simple answer is no you can't change the order the posts appear for a single forum such as recuitment corner. As has been mentioned, there is a global setting accessed...
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    Action Research Youth Championships

    I should say massive congratulations to Enderby Youth for their 2nd placing. They're a proper community youth band made up of kids based largely in the Enderby area and it shows the terrific commitment and level of teaching that the organisation has. I feel very proud to be a member of the...
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    Emboucure problems after horrific accident

    Firstly, sorry to hear about your accident. Secondly I'm glad to hear you are recovering. Thirdly get yourself a decent tutor. Anyone worth their salt as a brass teacher will be able to see and hear more in one lesson than any amount of pages of advice posted here. Think of its an investment in...
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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2013

    Err we seem to have lost the topic somewhere. Can someone find it again please? (...and no, I don't mean the chocolate bar)
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    Brass Band Registry.

    several off-topic posts removed..... Folks, can I politely ask you all that if you don't have anything to add to this discussion then don't post - whichever side of this particular argument you sit.
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    Butlins 2013

    You never know, we might have won....;) As it happens its probably for the best - we're tied up doing a show at Leicester's Curve theatre which started before Christmas, and would've been until the week before the contest, so we'd have had precious little tome to prepare for it anyway. (I...
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    4BR Awards?

    That's never stopped people from moaning about the result so why should it stop people from voting for the best? ;)
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    PBone - The Plastic Trombone

    Like! IMO the post of the last few months :wink: