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    Urgent Eb Deputy Needed Sat 14 November 2-4pm Bradford

    Hilarious lads. If you are ever all out in the same bar please put a warning on the door "Dullards thinking they are funny, enter at own risk". ;)
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    Urgent Eb Deputy Needed Sat 14 November 2-4pm Bradford

    Hi Urgent request as our dep player has let us down at last minute. Could any of my Eb bass friends or enemies help out Bradford Met Band for a concert tomorrow Saturday 15th November in Bradford 2.15 till 4. Expenses will be paid and we are on as soon as Yorkshire imps finish. Lift can be...
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    **URGENT** 3rd Section Sop Wanted Northern Open St Helens Sun 17th Nov

    Hi Any sop players willing to help Wetherby Band at St Helens contest? You must be 3rd or 4th section and have a letter of permission from your band agreeing to a day transfer and your registration card. The test piece is quite old and there are a couple of nice small solos. We have a...
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    Euphonium player based in Leeds available

    Hi Ian. We do not need any euphoiuims full time but one of ours is away for next six weeks if you would like to come for a blow at Wetherby, which is very near Leeds. You can ring me on 07793763975. We practice Tues and Fri 8 - 9.45
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    Kit Player Needed - Ripon Races - 20th May

    Hi Wetherby Band require a kit player for Ripon races 20th May. Timing to be confirmed. PM or call me on 07793 763975
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    Anyone need a cornet player in West Yorkshire?

    Hi Wetherby could use you on front row. We have just made some cracking signings and have a full band once once i update the site. Practice Tues and Friday second section and we have two players from leeds with cars who should be able to help you with transport. Friendly band on the up pop in...
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    Wetherby Band - Second Section - West Yorkshire

    One Eb Bass now needed to fill final vacancy in this happy and ambitious band. Come down for a blow, you will not be disappointed!!
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    Band in Leeds Area

    Wetherby band very close to Leeds ring me on 07793763975
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    Urgent Basses Needed. Wetherby West Yorkshire Sat 29th Oct

    Playing joing proms concert tomorrow night. Need Eb and/ or Bb Bass 7.30 start. Ring 07793763975 if you can help. Cheers
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    Urgent- Trombones Needed Wetherby Saturday 28th 1-4

    Wetherby Band are in desperate need of two trombone players for a wedding job at Sickling Hall near Wetherby on Saturday 28th May between 1 and 4pm. Church service 1-2 and then concert 3-4. If you can help us please contact me Alan Seymour on 07793763975. We have a practice tonight if you...
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    Wetherby Band - Second Section - West Yorkshire

    Euphonium seat now filled still looking for Bass and Bass Trombone
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    Wetherby Band - Second Section - West Yorkshire

    Hi We need the following players to make a full team. Eb Bass, Euphonium and Bass Trombone. We play a varied programme, have a relaxed and friendly attitude with some excellent concerts lined up. We also hope to enter another two contests this year with details yet to be finalised. We...
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    Eb Bass player available for Areas - Huddersfield area

    Give Wetherby another go ;)
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    Arrangement of Delilah

    There is a Tom Jones medly with it in the middle which is canny
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    Cornet player available in Darlington area

    Hi Cockerton Band is only a mile outside of Darlo. Good second section band with an excellent chance of qualifying for the areas. They practice in their own band room next to Cockerton band club Weds 7.30 - 9.30 and Sunday same time. Give me a ring on 07793 7639 75 and I will pass your details...