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    Shock big-name departures at Grimethorpe

    Many brass bands are registered charities. If anybody is interested you can (usually) view their accounts on line at
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    Brighouse March Contest

    Why don't you name the bands that didn't borrow many deps then? Or is that classed as "reverse mud slinging"...!!!
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    Britain's Most Decorated Bandsperson?

    Who is Britain's most successful bandsperson in terms of National, British Open, Masters, English Nationals, European & Brass In Concert wins? My money's on a percussion player from Yorkshire.
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    How are your team doing?

    I like you, you bite every time!! Leeds might just be in the CCC next season. Go on, bite again........ (p.s. I agree with you about Bates, but can you name 9 bigger teams?. I'll start you off - Newton Heath, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool..... just 5 more to get)
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    How are your team doing?

    Yes well done - your +15 point head start is now -10. You must be so pleased....!! I won't mention the 46 goal difference though. Damn, I just did.
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    Peter Ridsdale, United we fall Courtesy of The Times Newspaper.
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    Peter Ridsdale, United we fall

    Yes I've read it. Utter garbage IMHO. And it wasn't an insult directed at you.
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    Peter Ridsdale, United we fall

    It wasn't an insult. Merely a suggestion that you'd get more benefit reading J & J than the utter pile of garbage that PR has written. So what's the excuse for your insult? A smiley???
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    Peter Ridsdale, United we fall

    Not read the bit about Seth Johnson 2md? Stick to Janet & John books son..............
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    Peter Ridsdale, United we fall

    What does he have to say about the Seth Johnson transfer?
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    How are your team doing?

    Perhaps this was one of the games that Mr Ling had "accounted for"..... Well done, btw.
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    You do realise that we're talking about the earthquake; not HTFC playing at the galpharm.........
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    How are your team doing?

    4 shots? You obviously weren't at the game then.
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    Adjudicators / Entries for Old Silkstone's 6th annual March and Hymn Contest

    Is it just me or do your grapes taste sour? If you're not happy with it why don't you :- (a) introduce your own march/hymn tune contest (b) insist that only registered band players are allowed to play (c) sit back and see how unsuccessful you march/hymn contest is Bit of advice - get a...
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    Knocking 4barsrest

    I've just briefly read a thread where yorkie19 & darthtuba are knocking 4barsrest for their coverage of the Northern Area contest. Can I suggest to both, perhaps if you're not happy with this coverage then you might consider setting up ypur own website. Maybe call it 2barsrest (or 3barsrest)...