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    Fife Brass Band Festival

    It's the best piece ever Steve and you know it!!!
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    Stereotypification (wot?)

    Sorry mate... I only mentioned CO2 because it is assumed by many people that this is causing the world to heat up i.e. is the cause of global warming.
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    Stereotypification (wot?)

    Evidence shows that temperatures have not risen because of increasing carbon dioxide levels, the opposite is true (that is, CO2 levels have followed temperature change). Cities are getting warmer (and so local warming exists) but studies looking at areas surrounding major cities show that...
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    Places to watch on whit friday?

    They were actual factual light sabres! How amazing. Anyway the glow sticks weren't even 'stolen'!
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    RSAMD Brass Day and "Train the Trainer" day

    Simon plays for the bbc Aidan ...
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    Places to watch on whit friday?

    Probably because they broke!!! Raging!! Laura can't believe you won't be there this year, it won't be the same. Steph is playing sop though ha ha ha! Btw, I'd recommend Delph too for watching...
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    Best insults to players from conductors

    Not a put down but funny all the same. Snell: 'Where's the second trombone tonight?' BM: 'He's at the pantomime' Tuba player: 'Oh no he isn't!' Snell: 'Well is he or isn't he?!'
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    Best insults to players from conductors

    Conductor to dep: 'How much are they paying you for this?' Dep: 'Eh..£50' Conductor to dep: 'Well that's £50 too much'. 'You make that baritone sound like a bucket' (not to me btw) 'That must be the most offensive noise I've ever heard come out of an instrument.' 'Yes. Well that was chronic.'
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    Official tMP Scottish Regional 2008 thread

    Missed ya doll!!! Catch you at Cambridge though. Maybe I'll find my glasses this year! Oooh and you know how I always lose my phone? I woke up on Monday with TWO!!!! hahahahahaha x
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    What are you doing AS WELL AS rehearsing for the area?

    ohmigoad, that's tough doll :s You going up for a listen on Saturday btw?
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    Conductors at the Area's

    First of all, this band will probably be rehearsing every night so a week is a very long time! Secondly, is this not what he is being paid for? Surely he is there to win the competition?!?! With a week to go, if your conductor is told by the adjudicator, 'if you play blah more blah, I will...
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    Regionals 2008: Championship Section Test Piece: Festival Music

    No, there are three too many already.
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    movie quotes

    goldfinger. im sorry i got my last one wrong!! spoo. 'back when I was picking beans in Guatemala...'
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    movie quotes

    yeah, it's mission impossible! I'm sure he says that :-? it's while he's on the phone anyway, thought it was to Jim but maybe not.